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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kisah Benar Remaja-Remaja Melayu Hilang Dara

True story Malay Missing Teen - Teen Dara

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True story Malay Missing Teen - Teen Dara : KUALA LUMPUR : an increasingly crowded shameful Muslim girls in this country wench lost at a young age.
More sweat , a handful of them take pride in it and assume the status of adolescents who are still virgins as a group out of date.
Metro Ahad gab retrieval results with a set of teens who never got into various social phenomena are also found , there are teenagers who are now 15 -year -old told the first time they had sex when she was 10 years old .
There also were admitted as early as eight years of age , they first smoked , drank wine and took a bye kind syabu .
MIRA , 15 , from Johor
" FIRST time I have sex when in year 5 . My partner is my boy friend at the time. That time I did not know anything but he only applies once . Entry level one , I do once again as a man as well .
Since then , two or three times a week I make. When the levels of the three , my first exchange partner . I have made with the two men once gus .
When was often , I became hooked . If you had a friend help satisfy man but when he passed away, I was looking for someone else , including a new one day know .

Home and the hotel where I satisfy the appetite and as I recall , had 20 men became my partner in the future . When hooked , I am looking for a man that there was a time field . If not , I to Bookie with rakan , looking for man who may be prey .
In fact , I created the schedule for this activity . Morning to evening school and I do aktiviti this pervert . Saturday and Sunday I khaskan for a male friend , when Tuesday and Wednesday for another man . Thursday and Friday as well with rakan and there was also another man .
I just Isnin berehat at home kerana aktiviti mahu not my family know . Most of my couples aged 20 and above and works . If I have sex with rakan school , definitely my activities easily uncovered .
Among the approximately 20 women my friend , I believe 17 virgins gone . This is a pride for us .
There is still a virgin who will be our curse and pulaukan . There also is still a virgin before but after affected , they get stuck and also mortgaged the body .
For those who are reluctant to do sex , we pulaukan and hasut they have sex with men everywhere . I dare say this situation as a trend among us , even befriending Anybody who is considered a great mat rempit .
Mencabar insipid attitude - this causes teenagers crowded rosak morals , no matter male or female . Adolescent boys also crowded that no cadet can easily kerana ' awek ' like me .
I am now hooked , even once a day for up to five times with five men berasingan . The last time before PMR in October and now I still Cuba survive . Everything berpunca than me with rakan promiscuity . "
NANI , 16 , from Kuala Lumpur
" I recognize the sex early last year when fall prey to the greed of men friends when I lived with him for three days after out of the house . Since then , my first sex addicted .
When hooked to come , I do masturbate to satisfy themselves , the same was said school or home . There when I was not able to hold that offer themselves to men , but not rakan school .
At least , once a day I have sex . There is a man I have known two to three weeks , I continued to do sex invite .

I even had a man pelawa other nations that I have known a few Minit . Difficult to satisfy my cravings . In fact I have had sex with five men , but still not satisfied .
When hooked , I call everywhere man I know and invite them to do sex . Usually a house or cheap hotel location for vent my choice lust . I 've also done sex on the shores of the Sea of ​​at noon kerana not able to withstand the surge of lust .

Cuba survived than I did this accursed deed , but was unable to . This case is the continuous and the last time I did it two weeks ago . "
ANIS , 15 , of Negeri Sembilan
" I first terbabit with cigarettes , liquor and bye since darjah two . Everything kerana influence of mat rempit . Through them as well , I know first syabu . In addition , I often go out of their airports and follow perlumbaan haram . After the win , we drink wine rollicking and when drunk , we have sex .
I went to school as usual afternoon and evening I was out . I used to work at the diner with RM60 daily salary . I bought this money is procured syabu male friend and when it hit , I did not sleep two to three days .
I 've not slept more than a month greedy syabu . In the entire period I worked at the diner from dusk until 3 or 4 am every day . Get money , I ' enjoy ' and 'make up' ( mencantikkan ) motosikal .

I peer rakan crowded virtually no virgin . For us , the virgin is not important, the important Nudity and excited . Anybody that there will diperlekehkan virgin . "
SARAH , 15 , from Selangor
" THERE'S NO term ' holy ' or still virgin in my circles and rakan . In fact , we condemn rakan that no male friends and still virgin . What's wrong with me and rakan mahu berseronok and have sex when you were younger ?
In schools around Klang , I often have sex with men rakan , especially among students levels four and five . At first I did not dare , but that feeling does not disappear merely condemned rakan mahu .
I am the eldest of four brothers than sisters . I do not like being called a virgin slave among rakan .

When at level two , I became acquainted with a man student level four . With him , I started to berjinak - tame with sex . I often see in the video clip lucah bimbit rakan phone .
The first time my friend and a man have sex in a stor in school . As a result of addiction , we often do to the outside of the school , as there are in the house or cheap hotel . In the meantime , I also feel proud and rakan initially also no longer be memperkecilkan me .
But without disedari , I got it wrong steps already with male friend . After a year acquaintance , I passed it contains . I now hold a mother . Did not expect to be like this , rather than a dream exchanging sexy horror for me . "
Niza , 16 , from Pahang
" AS A proof of love to a lover , I submit chastity ( virgin ) I him . We were in a relationship since two years ago when at level two , and often have sex if potentially shared .
We already know each other when the new for two days . At the time he was 19 years old and work . At first I was scared to do it , but he insisted and said he pity me .
I finally killed by pujukan and are prepared to submit the body . Since it was my first sexy when with him .

If graduate school time , he came take me . At that time, if there is room and opportunity , we have sex , no matter where . We've done it in the fields and bushes in my hometown area ( Felda settlements around Kuantan , Pahang ) .
After a long time together , I passed containing half of this year . I do not regret body handed over to him , although now we have not since . "

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