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Monday, September 9, 2013

Janda Janda Melayu Paling Hot

10. Nova Eliza
Nova Eliza

Have a beautiful body makes many people think Nova Eliza was a girl . But actually , Nova is a widow with one .
Women 's bloody Aceh official widowhood in March after a lawsuit was granted divorce to Mirwan Suwarso South Jakarta Religious Court . But despite his widow still look beautiful and sexy .

9. Tia Ivanka
Tia Ivanka
Who does not know that Ivanka Tia figure in his day often exhibited at many soap operas ? Tia also was also widowed after less than 5 years the ship sailed home with George Manuel Sotello .
Although widowed , beauty Tia not just fade . The mother of one child is still an attraction for men , one of whom is Steve Emanuel is reportedly having an affair with her 

8. Prisia Nasution
Prisia Nasution
A series earned praise for successfully Prisia Nasution Citra won for her role in the film 'The Dancer ' . Unfortunately , in the midst of his achievements nicks , Prisia even officially divorced by her husband Ananda Siregar in January.
But divorce was not lowered attention from men to figure Prisia . The title also seems inappropriate beautiful widow pinned him 

7. Dewi Persik
Dewi Persik
Known as a controversial figure but still charming , that Dewi Persik . For two reasons that seemed Depe still 'sold ' in the hearts of men .
Despite twice divorced , but still many men who queue up to be a lover of the owner 's full name is the Great Goddess Muryau.

6. Mulan Jameela
Mulan Jameela
Have a voice and sexy body despite having 2 kids as ' preservatives ' beauty Mulan . Inevitably , men are willing to queue to get a woman's heart from Sukabumi it .
Even Mulan was touted to be a thorn in the marriage and Maia Ahmad Dhani Estianty . Until finally , it was rumored Dhani and Mulan have a child

5. Meriam Bellina
Meriam Bellina
Although not young anymore does not mean cannon Bellina not worthy of the title ' Pretty Widows ' . Her face is still pretty likely become its own attraction to men .
One is the famous lawyer Hotman Paris . Unfortunately , their relationship with the alleged beating harmed addressed to Hotman .

4. Yuni Shara
Yuni Shara
One more , in addition to Meriam Bellina , a figure which is not young women who seem to deserve the title of ' beautiful widow ' is Yuni Shara . Mother of two children were apparently still able to maintain her beauty to look younger .
Beauty is what makes a young man named Raffi Ahmad fell in love with her . Though they were adrift until the age of 17 years old !

3. Olla Ramlan
Olla Ramlan 
After officially divorced with Alex Tian in 2010 , Olla Ramlan man suddenly became a byword for widowhood . Although it has been divorced , not faded beauty and elegance of shape Olla .
Until eventually became Aufar lucky man who can get the beautiful figure . They seem to undergo very serious love affair with plans to up the aisle

2. Julia Perez 
Julia Perez
What do you remember if you hear the name Julia Perez ? Relentless sensation ! Pesebakbola romance with Gaston continues to adorn Castanyo media , and tragically ended in failure .
Later , Jupe claimed paired with a cleric , but the cleric is never introduced to the public

1. Maia Estianty
Maia Estianty
Maia Estianty an adult female figure is beautiful and smart in managing their business . Eventually though Maia widow was still shining in the world of entertainment Indonesian .
Some men also had reportedly ' hooked up ' with beauty Maia . With three children in tow , Maia is ' Beautiful Widow ' from the world of Indonesian celebrities

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