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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Urut urut n massage di Danok, Thailand

Trip is a really more for those who never like to come and come and wait to explore How can the "City of Entertainment" or commonly known as "Garden World" for men. Pompuan nie package shall also, if my interest in the joint.
But I was a little less interest if you people come here just to find the chicken wear shoes. I would prefer if you want to explore people come nie to see camner place if you do the next time I come I pleased. After that the ram you looking for the ler or looking chicken coop.

I want to do first time trip. I started in Thailand since the year 2007 because interest in travel. Been to Krabi, Phuket, Udon Thani Bangkok until (+ - 1800KM to Northern Thailand, near Laos). Tour bus Posted at I save money and get ari ni if ​​I want the streets, better and more efficient than Malaysia, Thailand my hotel room here about the most expensive taste my world. I imagine my time Udon Thani hotel room rental THB350 Posted at (RM35.00) standard hotel rooms are the same as Sri ... Time Posted pulak amik Phuket hotel 3 * new beach closest THB 1,250 (RM125) attempts pegi Penang, Port Dikson or any the beach hotel in Malaysia, so I want to kick the bucket ai expensive.

Bangkok my time, my kind of Cyber ​​Lodge hotel is near a thousand hatchlings one day, a new THB1, 250 completed there jacuzi and fish ponds in the room. Kat Ratchada area (exclusive business area) large roadside hotel room many times better than a new hotel Sri ... THB 990.If you want to massage my body Danok 2 hours use of new oil RM50 or RM60 skali ngan sauna or a massage if I adopted a new oil RM24. Sian see Cun awek2 ooii ngurut ... 2 hours. If you are to bini massage 2 hours and pay RM24, address must sleep outside Posted ler .. SPA RM30 unlimited including new eating sorang.Okay no need citer my long Cini, if you're interested persons, regardless of ler from which you came, I just wait for my immigration Malaysia in Bukit Kayu Black (BKH). If I bring up many amik BLE, but if I Carry sorang foot motor or go wait Posted at you people. I get to BKH like you who follow either by bus, BLE, motorcycle, bicycle or foot. Or if you want me my amik Alor Setar or Perlis but shall be payable on petrol BLE ler .. Posted at RM50 like BLE sweep. If not for a valid travel document der, der, or does it mean I do not leh border pass or passport shall be arranged, but do not want to enter pulak all illegal manner.My time here will try to take a guide How can;- The plot of my Cini and How can I do to avoid fraud.- Want to save money time and enjoy yourself.- Basic Thai talk.- The process of immigration.- Location where halal food cheap and tasty.- Place shoping.- Win cheap or expensive hotels and entertainment locations eyes.And probably many other taboos or tricks that can serve as a useful guide for the future. Did my story here too much.They say "Do not Know And Love".Last one I want to know about the cost. Usually if there is a pocket sorang time until it is quite Danok 500.00 for hotel rooms can be shared and amik cheap (between RM 45 - 55) per room. If you take many, you want to enter the more disco and show the more I looked, the old pulak my massage, I want to sing back up pulak. My show here all FRREE, drink only pay money, you know, Coke between RM 10-20 a bottle.Another thing I have to charge you the je RM50 nett sorang to 3 days. If I enter into the SPA, to disco, karaoke Posted at you people have to spend my ler hehehe. But if I want a massage, I pay self-ler, and if someone want to pay more ler I like. I believe I was berbalooi RM50 compared to what will you people know and save.GERENTIIIIII ME!Not I, you know, if you people want to Hatyai, add RM11 sorang pegi Ven fare if you want me back and record video or amik pictures of my time here you can but there's no extra charge ler bro .. Any interest that would like to come, set its own budget and do not forget to reserve a little extra in a safe place will be in a quandary pulak fear is not enough money.


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