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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dangdut Korek Belia Harapan Bangsa 1Malaysia

13 May 1969 Bullshit !!

Reveal the actual cause riots May 13
Beh Lih Yi5:04 PM May 11 2007
"When people were still assembling for the parade, trouble broke out in nearby Kampung Baru, where two Chinese lorries were burnt.
"At 7:15 pm, I could see a mob gathered like bees at the junction of Jalan Raja Muda and Batu Road. More and more vehicles broken and burned Chinese shophouses.
"China and India Tradesmen in Stone Road has been combined to form a 'defense area' armed with anything that could be achieved machetes, sticks, iron bars and bottles
"When the group left the Malays, the response of these people continue tertindak. The front of the shop and car suspected of belonging to the Malays have broken or burned
"The police arrived about 9 pm but did not patrol there. Then, the truck carrying members of the Federal Reserve Unit (riot squads) and the Royal Malay Regiment fled the scene"
(Extract from notes Far Eastern Economic Review correspondent Bob Reece, of what is seen with his own eyes occur on May 13, 1969 after a group of Malay youths gathered outside the Selangor Chief Minister, Datuk Harun Idris late afternoon that day).
It's been almost four decades after the race riots on May 13, 1969
However, what sparked the worst riots in the history of 50 years of Malaysia, which claimed 196 lives (according to official records), there is still a secret, and so far there are various versions of it.
'Official version' say riot was due to the action-dominated opposition supporters provoked the Chinese, who celebrate their victory in general elections which saw the Alliance Party lost heavily.
'All nonsense'
However, the opposition has been denied the truth of this version.There are other theories which claimed that the riots were planned to overthrow the Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman.
Lack of public information about a stumbling block for those who want to expose what really happened. But a new set of declassified documents in London, has been open to the sociologist Dr Kua Kia Soong to find the truth.
At the end of last year, principal of New Era College took study leave for three months to review the records and documents in the Public Records Office in London on 13 May which was declassified after the lapse of 30 years dideklasifikasi documents as confidential.
Findings on the document that has been compiled dideklafisikasikan in new book Dr Kua which will be launched this Sunday May 13 riots found that it is not due to racial violence, as has been drawn to the people of Malaysia.
"History (official event) May 13 is full of nonsense, it does not reveal anything. It is putting the blame on the opposition which it was not true, they are not to be the culprit," said Dr Kua to Malaysiakini in a new interview- recently.
"My book shows that the responsible party is the capitalists (in Umno), the internal elements of the planning and implementation of this plan. There are plans on those who gathered at the residence of the minister (NSW).
"There are documents and intelligence reports indicating the matter. Official history to reveal the truth and not blame it on anyone who should not be blamed," said social activist and education.
Dr Kua pointed out that the May 13 incident was a 'coup d'etat' or coup d'etat against the Tunku by the Malay capitalist class which appears when it is supported by the police and the military to seize power from the old aristocrats to implement the new Malay agenda.
Plot to overthrow the Tunku
He opined that the riots were acts of "Malay thugs' supported by the politicians behind the coup.
For example, he said, "a group of thugs suddenly appeared from all corners" on May 13 to gather at the residence of Harun and the actions of police and soldiers who can be questioned only stand by and watch what is happening.
He added that the documents also show that less than a week after the riots, then deputy prime minister, Tun Abdul Razak, who chaired the National Operations Council, fully authorized to administer the country a sign of conspiracy about it.
While discussions on future planning has been done before, including the National Cultural Policy (announced in 1971).
A secret document from the office of the British cabinet loaded in the book, show, not even a week after the riots occurred, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to detect what is being planned by Tun Razak 'to strengthen the supremacy of the Malays, Chinese marginalize and ignore Tunku '.
Dr Kua also questioned the role of security forces in the bloody May 13.
"Even then, among the diplomatic (also wonder) why, on the day of the riots occurred, Razak met with the police and the military, but they do not do anything about it," he said.
What's more, says Dr Kua, Malaysian security forces are a team of very experienced when launching the war against the communists between 1948 and 1960 and reputable.
"They are able to eradicate the communist resistance operations involving more difficult than controlling the riot, but they can not control (riot) in 1969 for days, weeks," he asked.
As a result, Dr Kua concluded: "May 13 Incident is a ploy to steal kuasasaya is not the first to say that it was a coup, but I provide documentation showing that it was a coup."
The victims are not known
Documents that have been dideklafisikasikan, including reports made by foreign journalists in Kuala Lumpur at that time, the British High Commission staff report that monitors the incident and a host of other confidential reports from among diplomats.
It is considered the first time a complete record of the tragedy will be able ditatapi Malaysians, because of numerous reports of foreign journalists were banned as well as no access to local documents.
However, what is not clear in the book is one more secret, the actual number of victims of tragedy.
Official figures for the May 13 riots victims were 196 people, 180 wounded by firearms and 259 others were injured as other weapons, 9.143 and 5.561 people arrested were charged in court, 6,000 homeless, and at least 211 vehicles and 753 buildings were destroyed or suffered damage.
Documents have been declassified and other international documents at that time estimated the total sacrifice of the higher, but the figure is not known, but the majority of the victims is said to be from among the Chinese.
Dr Kua said he hopes to break the myth that the publication of his book.
"That race riots will happen when the Malays do not feel good, because that's why we need the New Economic Policy, affirmative action policies and the others, if not the Malays do not feel happy and rioting would explode.
"This is the first myth that we need to describe as the documents show some of those who trigger (13 May) in collusion with the police and army," he said.
The second myth, Kua said, academics and theorists who hold diverse views that riots would occur naturally in the country with a multi-racial people.
Instead, he said, the Malays, Chinese and Indians do not suddenly decide to fight their sesame.
"It does not happen like that," he added.
Asked whether he worried that the authorities will act to ban the book as happened to the book about the Kampung Medan clashes, Kua said: "In this age of internet, what does it mean when a book was banned? We can publish the website, you can do anything only ". Original story
What actually happened during the 1969 riots
Beh Lih Yi10:26 PM May 11 2007
Series of events that occurred during the riots '13 May 'has been documented by Dr Kua Kia Soong in his latest book titled May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969 will be launched this Sunday the 38th anniversary of the tragedy.
Compilation, which is based on a variety of foreign reports and confidential report at the time that has dideklafisikasikan recently and is available on the Public Records Office in London which is regarded as a reliable record on the tragedy.
Dr Kua wrote in his book that the real situation of the worst race riots in the country's history so far not known to the people of Malaysia.
In fact, he said, the official version of the tragedy is full of contradictions and insufficient information that is reliable.
Below are excerpts and summary chronology riots of May 13 was quoted Dr Kua's book:
May 10:
Ruling Alliance Party suffered a major setback in the general election, but still obtain a simple majority in Parliament. Alliance party in Penang to the Motion; Kelantan to PAS and scraped in Perak and Selangor.
11 and 12 May:
On both these nights, the opposition celebrated their victory. A grand procession Gerakan held to welcome the return of the party leader, David V who won a parliamentary seat in Penang.
May 13:
MCA which had suffered badly in the polls, announced that it would withdraw from the cabinet while remaining within the Alliance.
A foreign journalist reports show no evidence that there are plans for youth who are driven by elements in Umno to hold a rally at the residence of the then Chief Minister of Selangor, Datuk Harun Idris in the late afternoon. A retaliatory march had been planned although police permission.
When people were still assembling for the parade, trouble broke out near Kampung Baru, where two Chinese lorries were burnt.Tragedy in Kampung Baru spread rapidly to many places in Kuala Lumpur.
The foreign correspondent noted the curfew that was imposed was not fair to everyone.
"In the streets off Jalan Hale, I could see bands of Malay youths armed with machetes and sharpened bamboo spears assembled in full can be seen clearly by the troops posted at road junctions. Meanwhile, at Batu Road, a number of foreign correspondents saw members of the Royal Malay Regiment shooting into the houses of the Chinese stores without any reason.
Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman goes on to say that the violence was caused by the behavior of opposition supporters after the election result announcement while his deputy, Tun Abdul Razak blamed on the communists.
May 14:
The riots continued but on a smaller scale. The curfew was only lifted in various areas in stages according to certain times to allow people to buy food. The police has deployed all its members on duty and handed over the northern part of the city to the army.
Police said 44 people were killed and 150 wounded the previous night. Another report showed that most victims were Chinese and it says at least 66 of the 77 bodies at the General Hospital on May 14 is the Chinese.
The government's attempts to blame the communists for the riots were however not taken seriously by the officials at the British High Commission (BHC), which is that the Tunku was not prepared to blame his own people for the riots, nor to blame it on the Chinese "as a whole".
May 15:

That the King declared a state of emergency. National Operations Council headed by Tun Razak set up. Tun Razak is still responsible to the Tunku, but all the powers under the Emergency Regulations are placed in his hands.
The curfew had been lifted temporarily in Kuala Lumpur that morning but the situation had worsened and more fights here and there. The curfew was reinstated but is reducing the food supply.
Publication of local newspapers have been suspended until censorship regulations drawn up but no attempt was made to supervise reports sent out by foreign journalists.
May 16:
The situation was still tense in Selangor with cars and houses being burned and fatalities rising. The death toll rose to 89 with over 300 injured. 24-hour curfew continued in Selangor and had also been imposed in Malacca. In Penang and Perak, things are better even though the curfew still in force.
Tunku made the announcement about the establishment of the National Defence Force to be manned by volunteers. The new Information Minister, Datuk Hamzah Abu Samah and Tun Razak hold press conference where they said the cause of the riots was communist infiltration into political parties.
There were reports of looting by the largely Malay military and their bias against the Chinese Malaysians. Number of refugees increased.
May 17:
BHC telegram, it showed there were skepticism among British officers toward the official figures for victims of riots and loss of life among the Chinese. Police estimated that about 100 deaths while British officers estimated the proportion of Chinese to Malay is about 85:15.
Action filter press reports have sparked criticism not only from the local press but also in diplomatic circles especially when official statements lacked clarity and credibility.
Confidential BHC memorandum to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), to acknowledge the coup d'etat or coup d'etat and power was transferred not only to "Malay hands" but also the security forces. The latter's professionalism is questioned.
BHC also noted that the security forces, the Federal Reserve Unit currently has more than just members of different races and not to be biased. While the Malay troops were discriminatory in enforcing the curfew.
"Discrimination occurs, for example, not enforcing the curfew in Malay (Kampung Baru) where Malays armed with machetes, etc., continue to move freely, and some have slipped out and attack Chinese outside the area. In the area of China, the curfew is strictly enforced.
May 18:
Tunku qualified his earlier assertion that the disturbances were caused by communists, putting the blame on "bad elements". He also announced the deferment of the Sarawak elections and restrictions on the movement of foreign journalists.
The situation was still unsettled in some parts of the capital.
May 19:
Less than a week after the riots, the rule was passed to Tun Razak - showed the presence of a coup plot.
"The actual relationship between the Tunku Abdul Razak is not clear. In public Tun Razak said he was directly responsible to the Tunku but belakangnnya, he says otherwise. This may mean the beginning of the process of withdrawal by the Tunku as Prime Minister".
Reported that there are about 10,000 refugees. The local media was allowed to publish under censorship while curfew passes for foreign journalists were withdrawn. Some opposition politicians were arrested.
May 20:
In a meeting, the Australian High Commission has suggested the opposition leaders to be the role as peace maker but Tun Razak and Ghazali Shafie. "They considered opposition leaders would use the opportunity for their own political interests."
Malaysian Red Crescent Society to continue its daily feeding program for refugees in various places and over 5,000 had received food supplies.
May 21:
Official statistics of casualties at this juncture were 137 killed (18 Malays), 342 injured, 109 vehicles burned, 118 buildings destroyed and 2.912 people were arrested, mostly for violating the curfew.
May 23:
The declassified documents reveal that Malay troops not only with the Malay thugs but also opened fire indiscriminately toward Chinese shophouses as they patrol in the city.
"When asked by foreign journalists about reports of racial discrimination, Tun Razak flatly denied them. Following this, curfew passes issued to foreign journalists were withdrawn and they were ordered to remain indoors' for their own safety".
Reports indicate a foreign correspondent Malay thugs are hated by the Malay people comply with the law in Kampung Baru.
Internal Security Minister, Tun Dr Ismail indicated that the Internal Security Act will be amended in the future "to respond to the tactics of the communists". 3.699 was announced during the crisis were arrested and 952 were members of secret societies.
May 24:
Peace restored in Kuala Lumpur and the atmosphere in the city is also getting better. People back to work (outside the curfew hours).The curfew remained in force (from 3pm to 6:30 am the next day).Government is not prepared to admit that it was armed Malay youth who caused the disturbances.
May 27:
Tunku was very angry with foreign journalists' speculations about his weakening position and got his private secretary then ordered to send a protest note to the BHC.
May 28:
A confidential report by BHC to the FCO on this day the government's attempts to blame the communists as a trigger riots were an attempt to justify their new authoritarian powers.
Situation under control but still chaos here and there. BHC report noted violence erupted again in an area in Kuala Lumpur on the night of June 28 and June 29, where several houses were burned and five people were killed and 25 others wounded. Some disturbances at the end of June also involved ethnic Indians.
Of another disorder in which a policeman was killed but the police act quickly stopped from spreading in Kuala Lumpur.
Tun Ismail's firm stand in ordering the security forces to act firmly 'without favor or discrimination "against any group and the Tunku's announcement on the establishment of the National Goodwill Committee comprising politicians from all political parties, has helped reduce the fear among the people.
Tun Ismail also announced that 8.114 was detained until May, comprising people "from all the major racial groups". Of these, 4,192 were charged in court, 675 released on bail, 1,552 unconditionally released and, 695 preventively detained.
Good situation in the peninsula back again but still high level of tension in sensitive areas in Malacca, Perak and Selangor.
Tension to recover but heated up following the removal of Dr Mahathir Mohamad from Umno's Central Committee on July 12 and Tunku regain power. Malay university students petitioned to claim Tunku resigned and a demonstration on the original kampus.Berita

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Siapa Ustaz Azhar Idrus ?

Aku nak berkongsi sedikit cerita mengenai Ustaz Azhar Idrus yang kini menjadi fenomena anak2 muda kepada rakan2 CG..moga kita semua lebih mengenali beliau...perwatakan beliau, latarbelakang beliau dan juga cara beliau mendekati anak2 muda generasi baru dikatakan menjadi magnet menarik anak2 muda ke ceramah beliau...pengaruh beliau sangat kuat terhadap generasi muda masakini...sehinggakan ceramah beliau yang bakal berlangsung disalah sebuah lokasi paling strategik telah dibatalkan oleh pihak kerajaan kerana bakal bertembung dengan acara anjuran kerajaan dengan alasan kesesakan trafik luar biasa...Ya, mmg akan ramai yg akan pergi ke ceramah beliau berbanding acara anjuran kerajaan yg dikatakan antara 10 acara terbesar DUNIA....mod kalau astrokkk tlg del...rakan2 kalau manfaat klikla "thanks" ya?time kasih...selamat beramal 

:::... Profil ...:::
Nama Penuh: Ustaz Azhar Idrus

Lahir: 12 Febuari 1964 (48 th) di kampong Ladang Kuala Terengganu.

Pendidikan: Sek. Rendah Haji Mohd Sharif Alor Setar Kedah & Sek. Men. Darulaman Alor Setar Kedah (tgkt 1&2) Sek. Men. Sultan Sulaiman (tgkt 3&6)

Isteri: Rogayah Sulong 42th. & Wan Halimatun Nisa Wan Mohd Nor 26th.

Anak: Nur Madihah Asyiqin 20th, Nur Farhah 19th, Mohd Faqihuddin 18th, Mohd Zuhaili 16th, Ikhwan Najmi 14th, Khairul Mukmin 7th & Rasydan 6th.

Hobi: Fotografi bermula pada tahun 1985 serta aktif melukis di kanvas. Memiliki 30 kamera dan digunakan sekarang 2 jenis iaitu DSLR Nikon D3 dengan 9 lens dan Fuji X100. Memiliki kelab fotografi

Facebook Fanpage:
Sepintas lalu

Dahulunya Ustaz seorang gitaris dalam satu kumpulan band muzik sekitar Kuala Terengganu “band boy”. Dan sempat membuat beberapa persembahan di stadium-stadium. Setelah kumpulan muziknya mengambil keputusan untuk buat rakaman, Ustaz menarik diri kerana tujuanya hanya suka-suka sahaja menyertai kumpulan muzik bukannya untuk mencari glamor.

Ustaz yang aktif bersukan dan pernah mewakili Terengganu dalam acara berbasikal pada tahun 1980an. Dan menjadi rutin kelapangan masa waktu malam, Ustaz akan berbasikal meronda sekitar Bandar Kuala Terengganu bersama-sama kawan-kawan. Dan ada juga yang meminta Ustaz untuk merasmikan program berbasikal.

Ustaz Azhar pernah bekerja dengan Ustusan Malaysia cawangan Kuala Terengganu sebagai artis grafik. Selepas berkahwin seminggu pada tahun 1990, Ustaz mengambil keputusan berhenti kerja dan bekerja sebagai mencanting batik dan ketika inilah beliau memperlajari bidang ilmu agama secara bersungguh-sungguh. Tiada alasan baginya hujan dan ribut. Beliau yang pergi mencari guru-guru agama dan belajar dirumah guru berkenaan.

Perubahan diri Ustaz kearah menjadi seorang yang bersungguh belajar agama kerana kawan baiknya seorang ketua “Punk” menghilang diri selama 5 tahun dan apabila muncul kembali kawannya ini satu perubahan yang amat ketara daripada pemakaian dan tingkahlakunya. Tahulah Ustaz bahawa kawannya ini belajar di Patani. Apabila melihat kehebatan kawannya ini, timbul rasa ingin menjadi sepertinya juga.


Bermula 1990, Ustaz mula hadir ke kuliah Tuan Guru Haji Syed Mokhar bad tafsir. Ketika itu Ustaz berumur 25 tahun. Bertalagi dengan Tuan Guru Mohd Tahir kitab-kitab jawi. Tuan Guru Mohd Hakim nahu, saraf, Balaghah, usul fiqh, Qawaidh, mustolah Hadis & usul tafsir. Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Rahman Jaafar fiqh, usuluddin, nahu & hadis. Tuan Guru Haji Ibrahim Mohd sirah nabawi. Tuan Guru Haji Hashim nahu, sarof, fiqh dan faraid. Tuan Guru Haji Mat Zain fiqh, nahu, saraf, balaghah, hadis, tafsir dan ramai lagi guru-guru yang lain selama 12 tahun.

Setelah berbekalkan sedikit ilmu, Ustaz mula mengajar di sekitar Surau Ladang. Dan website pertama diwujudkan pada tahun 1999. Kemudian menyusur pada tahun 2005. Dengan melihat anak muda sekarang yang lebih berminat dengan motorsikal dan kereta, maka Ustaz selitkan apa yang mereka-mereka ini minat. Alhamdulillah anak muda dapat menerimanya dengan baik.

Dengan kesibukan jadual Ustaz sepanjang hari dan bulanan, Ustaz sentiasa mentelaah lagi buku-buku karangan mufti-mufti serta fatwa-fatwanya. Dalam rutin harian, Ustaz akan cuba habiskan 20 buah kitab sehari selama 5 jam. Pesanan Ustaz kepada kita semua belajar bersungguh-sungguh ketika kita rajin dan ada ketikanya kita malas, masa itulah kita berehat.

Pok Mang disisi Ustaz
Beliau adalah pembantu Ustaz. Beliau juga model Ustaz dalam fotografi. Pok Mang berasal dari Kampung Ladang adalah seorang nelayan. Dan menjadi kebiasaan kepada Ustaz menyewa botnya untuk memancing di laut. Pok Mang atau Man Dakwah atau Man Janggut adalah panggilan kawan-kawan kepadanya yang cepat mesra dan kuat beribadat. Kesusahan Pok Mang mencari hasil di laut sewaktu musim terkujuh membuka ruang untuknya bersama dengan Ustaz. Bermula detik ajakan Ustaz supaya Pok Mang menemaninya setiap kali berkuliah sehinggalah menjadi pembantu khas kepada Ustaz sampai ke hari ini.

Galeri Ustaz Azhar Idrus

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This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 718x478.

Sebagai MAT REMPIT berjaya…aktiviti malam aku sering dipenuhi dengan aktiviti berlumba mutor dan menghuru harakan bandar kuala terengganu sambil bawak awek(minah rempit). Bagi aku itu adalah satu bentuk hiburan yang amat menyeronokkan dan kene dengan jiwa remaja. Siang malam..HIDUPKU hanyalah pada mutor 125Z meroh, no plat BGH 12**. Awek ku DENGAN free hair dan pakaian DOP cukup kain akan selalu menjadi pembonceng tetap aku setiap malam. Namun aku bersyukur kerana tidak terjebak dengan DOSA ZINA(hampir TERJEBAK) dimana terlalu ramai saeng2 seangkatan ku tewas dengan NAFSU serakah. Mungkin Allah S.W.T masih sayangkan aku.

SERIUS aku mengaku 24 tahun hidup, aku memang dop kenal tikor sembahyang…apatah lagi nok GIsurau bala atau majlis ilmu..JAUH…Ayoh ngan MOK aku dop tahu nok buat mende(buntu).. bebelan MOK dan penampOr singgang AYOH jadi rutin harian aku ..BUKAN niat aku untuk membuka AIB aku ATAU sesiapa…tapi hanya sekadar BERKONGSI dengan saeng2..

. Aku mula KENAL dengan Ustaz Azhar pada awal 2008. CERITANYE.. Aku secara DOP SENGAJA terdengar kuliah Ustaz yang dipasang di VCD Player oleh AYOH. Mase tu aku dup dalam bilik..Ayoh aku sengelen(sengaja) pasang kuat…nok cyco aku..NOK SUH AKU DENGOR.. Aku masih ingat lagi AYAT Ustaz Azhar yang MENARIK perhatian aku untuk terus mendengar kuliah beliau(padahal selama ni,,,dop pernah seumur hidup..aku minat Kuliah agama yang mengantuk dan bosan…jiwa rempit la SANGAT)..KATA USTAZ AZHAR…

” Mung nok jadi mat rempit, jadi artis ker,,jadi mende2 pown..dop SALOH.. Tapi dengan syarat kene ikut syariat Islam..Doh nok uat guane memang mung wahi bawok mutor laju…Islam dop sekat…asalkan time semayang,,mung sembahyang…time gi surau…mung gi surau…NABI pown suh ayah2 ajar anok2 nek kuda…KUDA zaman lening mutorsikal r..”
satu agi..”Mung nok bawok orang puan atah mutor dop saloh..BULEH…tapi dengan syarat…mung letok ayah orang puan tu tengoh2…”HAHA

Jadi mat rempit dop saloh!!..selama ni mat rempit sokmo(selalu) dicop sebagai musuh utama negara..JAHAT…dop layok buat NATU(MENANTU)..tak dop Mase depan..PERAGUT…Punoh..TAPI tiba2 seorang Ustaz KABO(beritahu) bahawa jadi MAT REMPIT dop saloh…tapi kene semayang…kene gi sura bala( surau dan balai)..BULEH TAHAN GOK USTAZ NI..lawok spontan dan contoh2 hok Ustaz beri memang kena dengan situasi..MUDOH PAHAM..aku jadi ketagih..Aku CARI video Ustaz Azhar dari member2…aku bluetooth..letak dalam Nset aku (selama nim dup bluetooth Blue sokmo) .Aku SHARE plop dengan member2 lain. Aku share bagi ker AWEK aku…Aku dop MISS gi dengar kuliah Ustaz Azhar terutama di sekitar Kuala Terengganu…Surau Pok Tuyu, Surau Flat Gelung Bilal, Surau Ladang, surau wan esah dan lain jadi tempat wajib ( dulu kalu lepah garib(magrib)…batu burok, durian burung, wakaf beruas, jalan airpot jadi kewajipan) . Alhamdulillah, aku mula SOLAT cukup lima waktu…aku tahu mok ngan ayoh aku suke sangat tengok aku beruboh…sebab sebelum gi kuliah Ustaz Azhar..dapat duit isi minyak rm 20..masyuk..huhu..mungkin gembira bedooh(teramat) tengok aku beruboh..siap SPONSER minyak 2T agi bulan2..selama ni dop bau laa…

Hok paling aku suke…awek aku pakai tudung yer Fatin (bukan name sebenor..tapi memang COMEL r boh..tengok ayat r..haha) …siap paka baju kurung sokmo..dop NGEPONG doh mutor ngam aku…sebab aku kate ker dyer…lau mung nok nek mutor ngam aku..mung kene ajok AYOH mung etek..hahaha. Sebab Ustaz Azhar kabo..nok couple dop saloh..asalkan kene niat nok uat BINI ..pahtu lau jupe jangan dup pegang2 r..jangan jupe tempat tak dop orang…sebab mung nok uat bini kam…kene jage r MARUAH bakal bini mung…InsyaAllah..2/4/2012..aku nok nikoh dengan dia…jeput mari belake neh…rumah depan Keda Sabasun..hahaha

GituLA serba sedikit kisoh aku…PENANGAN USTAZ AZHAR..memang sangat hebat..bayangkan pok sedare aku( adik ayoh) hok dulu seorang penagih dadoh tegar…kini molek2 ade jadi pengikut setia Ustaz Azhar…siap dapat kawin dengan ustazah agi…dapat pulop kerje sedap…BERKATnya kalu saeng ngan ULAMA’…berapa RAMAI ARTIS yang berpusu2 berhijrah hasil penangan Ustaz Azhar.. BOB lokhman, Sham kamikaze, Iwan dandut, Bob Kuman, dan Wahid Senario(sekadar sebut beberapa nama)…akhir kata..JOM GI KULIAH…kikikiki…

dop seke pando gok aku uat karangan…spm..BM cukup2 makan..mitok maaf banyak kalu dop paham..

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku…banyok dosaku PadaMu ya Allah…Aku Mohon Keampunanpu YaAllah…Kekalkan aku dalam Hidayahmu..janganlah engkau pesongkan hati Hambamu ini…setelah Engkau beri petunjuk..tempatkan aku dalam kalangan orang2 yang beriman ..Ya Allah…Matikanlah aku dalam iman…AMIN(mohon sahabat doakan)

**Petikan dari sebuah Facebook seorang anak muda Terengganu

Video Debat PTPTN Khairi Jamaludin vs Rafizi

Pesta Ala Iblis Sambutan Hari Jadi Ahli Ameno

Shot at 2012-05-22

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Shot at 2012-05-22

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Shot at 2012-05-22

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Shot at 2012-05-22

Shot at 2012-05-22

Shot at 2012-05-22

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Siapa Rafizi Ramli ?

Rafizi Ramli 

Lahir: 14 September 1977 

Tempat Lahir: Besut, Terengganu 
Membesar: di Kemaman dan Kuala Kangsar 


Pendidikan awal @ Sekolah Rendah Sultan Ismail, Kemaman (1984 – 1989) 

Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar (1990 – 1994) 

•Anugerah Carey/Bolkiah sebagai Pelajar Terbaik Keseluruhan 

•Pingat Emas Presiden Kesatuan Pelajar 
•Anugerah Pelajar Terbaik SPM 1994 (Fizik, Bahasa Melayu) 
•Anugerah Pelajar Terbaik SRP 1992 
•Johan Pertandingan Bahas Piala Perdana Menteri 1992 dan 1993 antara sekolah-sekolah berasrama penuhPembahas terbaik Pertandingan Bahas Piala Perdana Menteri 1992 dan 1993 antara sekolah-sekolah berasrama penuhJohan Pertandingan Bahas Piala Sri Paduka Sultan Perak 1993•Presiden, Badan Revolusi Agama 
•Presiden, Pancaragam Tentera 
•Presiden, Persatuan Bahasa Melayu 
•Ketua Pengarang, The Malay College Magazine 
•Dianugerahkan biasiswa PETRONAS (Kejuruteraan Elektrikal dan Elektronik) dan ESSO (Geology) sebelum keputusan SPM diumumkan 
Morrison’s Academy, Scotland (1995 – 1996) 

•Anugerah AD Kippen, Pelajar Terbaik Fizik A-Levels 1996 
•Anugerah John Knox, Pelajar Terbaik Kimia A-Levels 1996 
•Orkestra Morrison’s Academy 
Leeds University (1996 – 1999) 

•Anugerah Arthur Crabtree 1997, Pelajar Terbaik Tahun Pertama Kejuruteraan Elektrikal dan Elektronik 
•Ijazah Kelas Pertama (Tahun Pertama dan Kedua) 
•Ijazah Sarjana Muda Kejuruteraan Elektrikal dan Elektronik 

Jeffreys Henry Chartered Accountants, London (1999 – 2003) 

•lulus semua peperiksaan akauntan bertauliah dengan Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW) dalam masa 2 tahun 
•diterima sebagai ahli ICAEW pada 2003, selepas tamat tempoh minima latihan di firma perakaunan 
•diterima sebagai ahli Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) pada 2003 apabila pulang ke Malaysia 
PETRONAS/MTBE Malaysia Sdn Bhd (2003 – 2005) 

•Pengurus, Propane Dehydrogenation Plant 
•Pengurus termuda semasa dilantik 
PETRONAS/Pejabat Naib Presiden, Urusniaga Petrokimia (2005 – 2007) 

•Pengurus Kanan (Perancangan Perniagaan, Operasi dan Teknologi Urusniaga Petrokimia) 
•Pengurus Kanan termuda semasa dilantik 
•Bertanggungjawab menguruskan kumpulan urusniaga petrokimia PETRONAS dengan aset melebihi RM30 bilion 
PETRONAS/Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (2007 – 2009) 

•Pengurus Kanan (Perakaunan, Belanjawan dan Percukaian Antarabangsa) 
•Bertanggungjawab menguruskan hal ehwal kewangan 51 anak-anak syarikat PETRONAS Carigali yang terlibat dengan operasi huluan di peringkat antarabangsa, membabitkan belanjawan tahunan melebihi RM20 bilion 
Pharmaniaga Berhad (2009) 

•Pengurus Besar 
Pejabat Penasihat Ekonomi Selangor (2009 – ) 

•Ketua Eksekutif