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Monday, May 14, 2012

29 rahsia negara Malaysia

A. Malaysia has sent troops during the Vietnam War to help the United States track Viet Cong guerrillas.
Two. MAS aircraft accidents (MH653) in Tanjung Kupang not due to engine failure or pilot error, but some people say an act of sabotage or hijacking.
Three. Malaysia commandos had helped U.S. forces to mark the Serb military targets in Laser Target Designator to be destroyed by "Smart Bomb" from NATO bombers.
4. Unprecedented revolt "Mutiny on ship" in the history of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), the people involved and then tried in Court Martial (the facts could not be confirmed).
Five. Navy warship, KD Selangor had been involved in sea battle with the Indonesian military, in which a crew member died during the events of his first confrontation.
6. Do you know the movie "Black Hawk Down" deals with the revolt in Somalia, perverting the true facts in which the real forces of Malaysia had been the hero, but because of the Hollywood film, but she did not recognized the role of Malaysia.
7. Several officers from other ranks of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) has been arrested for selling information to the Singapore signaling.
Eight. Royal Malaysian Air Force pilots (RMAF) will standby in the cockpit of their aircraft 24 hours when it comes to hot issues affecting Singapore.
9. RMAF Hawk aircraft have been sent to Labuan for the possibility of war during the struggle for the island Ambalat issue with Indonesia.
10. A Malaysian was a KGB spy and was arrested by intelligence officers of the country between the years 70-80s, and he acknowledged the Special Branch and intelligence officers ATM is actually very efficient.
11. Malaysia had wanted to buy Boeing AWACS during the 80s in the past but decided to cancel after this leaked local media, journalists who expose the whole issue of interrogations by the police in Bukit Aman.
12. Navy submarines already have but in the form of mini-subs, to use PASKAL team.
13. Philippines had "mengacah" a Navy warship when two F-5 fighter aircraft they fly low when an issue first.
14. Often help the U.S. Navy through the movement of Russian submarines in the Straits of Malacca during the Cold War era, and this shows, the navy already has a submarine detection system and a very good time.
15. Singapore constantly test radar defense system, particularly Malaysia through its electronic warfare system of the past until now.
16. Singapore will increase the number of tourists in the area when the ATM to make military exercises in the area.
17. Singapore Army will carry live ammunition, but hide behind the name of the training when it comes to hot issues involving Malaysia as an example of a leader of Israel during the visit to the country before.
18. CIA has installed a variety of sophisticated espionage equipment in KLCC, the activity hide behind movies such as 'The Entrapment' play Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones (the facts could not be confirmed).

19. Malaysia commandos had been sent in a special mission to Manila to take the documents related to Sabah one time (the fact could not be confirmed).
20. Malaysia is a country in the world that it succeeded in eradicating the threat of communist Vietnam while democratic government that helped the United States lost to the communists.
21. ATM modernization program known as PERISTA canceled yag right by former Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamed, when too many irregularities in the program.PERISTA developed in preparation for facing the threat of the communist victory in Vietnam.
22. Navy warship edge (depending on age) will be sent first and anchored in international waters when Malaysia Prime Minister's visit to the country.
23. Aircraft Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamed never divert (not known to anyone) to Pakista to see the country's first nuclear bomb test it. Tun Mahathir, who now became the only outside Pakistan Muslim leaders who had witnessed the test (this information is to be served personally by a member of the Pakistani intelligence to the writer some time ago).
24. Australian pilots had slashed Force fighter pilot, "Bold, but crazy" in an interview with the media in our country.Australia and the Royal often hold joint exercises in the country had a squadron of aircraft fighters in Butterworth.
25. Nuri helicopter was shot down by a rocket during the Emergency.
26. Events in Bakara Market, Somalia has witnessed two tanks should protect Pakistan's military convoy fleeing Malaysia act (which was confirmed by a military officer).
27. RMN patrol vessel had capsized in the South China Sea due to bad weather and some of her crew lost.
28. Two types of Sabre fighter aircraft from Butterworth (in the 1970s) was launched into the air after detecting radar in the base of the invasion of foreign aircraft (UFO-this case was documented in the newspapers and a book can be found at UiTM Shah Alam library) .
29. Malaysia commandos had invaded Singapore's air defense complex in Bukit cough.

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