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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kisah Artis Wanita Terlebih DIVA

Well here blob jugakI think it is caught in the rr character drama..terbawak2 heroin in the world nyata..dia igt he jugak heroin in turmoil with ex hubby, ex in law semua..n mcm tu lah kan typical Malay drama, the heroine is always at hand Unread n will slaaaaalu Livestock by ex Naomi, cruel ex in-laws, laws that ddengki ... n at the end of the story, the truth will unfold n all, the village came the queen on her knees praying ... a tu lahh happy happy happy ..ex Somi will breakouts appeal, the new wife divorced, n eventually they live happily ever after ..Well rr, pliz get real ... n get a life !!!!! This is not a soap opera petang2 bunjut sponsored soup .. N ko character was not infallible or pompuan ideal suitor Stamp or pilihan..kalo I ko ni la so producers will be most unggul..140 antagonist episode ko tu keja He sajorkkkkk people .. . Phuhh satisfied liver aku..sori haters ... But I'm not tired tgk pompuan too desperate nakkan atention one donia ... I very rarely gripe or folo Prayojana Retiş ni .. But there is not a headline that made me sick .. Retiş why others can not take the bow diam2 last masing2 ko mg divorce ... If there is another heart on male ex tu (obviously ur) tried to lure him back baik2 ko. Amik liver older sister org badik all ... This is not, mendiva indeterminate pasal..pagi diam2 you sit there ....

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Resipi Nasi Dagang Paling Sedap Pernah Dicipta

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Resipi Lontong Paling Sedap dan Paling Hebat Pernah Dihasilkan

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Resipi Rendang Paling Sedap Dan Hebat Pernah Dicipta 2016

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Resipi bubur lambok paling sedap di Malaysia

bubur lambok kampung baru
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Resipi Ayam Golek Paling Sedap Dan Mantap ..Tahap Dewa

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Resipi Ayam Percik Paling Sedap Pernah Dicipta

ayam percik kelantan
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Nasi Briani Paling Sedap di Malaysia ..june 2016

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Nasi Arab Paling Sedap Kat Malaysia ..june 2016

nasi arab sedap
nasi arab shah alam
nasi arab cyberjaya
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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