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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Research market Malaysia

Research market Malaysia

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Tempat Menarik Di Malaysia Part 1

Introduction ~

Terengganu is one of Malaysia's rich wealth of interesting landscapes and refreshing nature. She has beaches, exotic islands, lush virgin tropical forests, fishing villages, dazzling waterfalls and many more. Miles and miles of beaches, white sand and clear water crossing along the 225 km coastline, extending from Besut in the north to Kemaman in the South. Her islands are among the most beautiful and interesting country. From a variety of hobbies including colorful batik and songket weaving to the rapturous celebration of many generations of cultural and traditional heritage, Terengganu is a state that is very blessed.

Terengganu population, which amounts to about 1 million people, consisting of 90% Malays, with the rest made up of Chinese and Indian. The pace of life in Kuala Terengganu, the state capital, and all towns and villages in Terengganu unhurried and unaffected by the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Terengganu history going back to as far as the 1st century and has long been an important area of ​​Malay settlement. All times until the present day, Terengganu has been ruled by 16 Sultans.

In this state there are several interesting places such as Mile Beach Burok.

Like the picture above, this place is the view Burok Mile Beach.

             Many tourists come here to enjoy the fresh air and having fun with family and friends.

     In Queensland, there is a famous mosque called the Crystal Mosque, located in Wan Island is famous for its uniqueness Man.Masjid seemingly made of crystal mosque.

This is Kristal.Bagi Mosque Muslims, they can pray here where it is located at Islamic Civilization Park, Pulau Wan Man.

In Rajasthan too, there is Malaysia's largest museum called the Museum pelacong Terengganu.Ramai come to the museum to see & learn the history of the state, such as what has happened in the past.

The picture above is a museum called Terengganu.Muzium Museum is the largest in Malaysia.

The unique shape & 'Ala-Ala Village' makes this museum looks good from afar.

In Rajasthan is also famous for one of the biggest market here called Central Market here too much Payang.Di Shop selling batik shirts, batik sarongs, handicrafts, fish crackers and sebagainya.Pasar is also a tourist attraction because of famous cloth batik industry.

The following picture is the shirt / cloth batik are sold at Central Market stores also berpatutan.Coraknya Payang.Harganya can fascinate every tourist who comes here makes clothes / cloth batik & selling behavior.

As the above picture is the handicrafts sold in Pasar Besar Kedai creative & unique Payang.Kraftangannya also attract many tourists to come to the heart of this market and buy handicrafts here.

In Rajasthan is also famous for its food which is tasty DAGANG.Nasinya RICE roasted savory and this makes many people love & ini.Makanan interested in food can also make people terliur. xD

In the state is also famous for its historic Inscribed Stone alleged in Terengganu.Batu Correspondence estimated to be about 700 years old this is a stone engraved with the old and written in Jawi first prove Malaysia.Ia Islam arrived in the year 1326 or 1386.Batu also found nearly submerged after flood receded on the banks of the River Tersat highway, Hulu Terengganu in 1899.

Really la tu what this poster said. Hohoho.

Tempat Makan Best Di Shah Alam Part 1

I also always the front in Ayam Bakar Mas Mono Seksyen 7 Shah Alam when looking for a place to eat lunch around tu. But hearts never called to go. Do not know why.

But off je read reviews of Abang Hazman Fadzil on Restaurant Ayam Bakar Mas Mono ni in his blog entry, I teruja kid kept going. When dah nak teringin very left, there je confinement period that does not allow me to go faster. Until the one last night, new kid a chance to go there.

Kind of unusual, because kitorang up a bit early, there were only 2-3 tables of existing customers. New long crowded Lama Lama.

Early days when look at the menu, I really like. Lama because his menu so. There is not a lot of things. So no one was difficult for me to choose. I Pulak was known among his friends as a very difficult to order food in a restaurant because I might eat all things kid. Hehehe.

So, because I do not lose the kid brother who order 2 loaves Hazman chicken, I had the same order. Hahahaha. So, to set, I order:

Nasi Ayam Goreng Kremes + + + Tempe Tofu & vegetable soup = RM8.50

For tauhu & tempeh, we should choose the same no ordinary fries or a boy 'tauhu tempe Bacem'. Diperap not sure what, but the sweet and savory je Lama. Because Mizah dah Gorang usual order, I also try taking a Bacem.

Verdict me to set ni - Very Sedap! Seriously I was like crazy. Seriously it may come back and order 4 loaves of chicken for me to eat alone. Hahahaha. Tauhu & tempe in bacem is very best. Sambal him, so marvelous! Spicy! And if it was allowed again spicy. Even then, I MINTAK extra sauce because again Lama nauu one .. hehehe

For the others Lama, Mizah order sets:

Grilled chicken + rice + tauhu & tempeh = RM8.50

Mizah the order is set CHICKEN GRILLED. I differed with the order FRIED CHICKEN Kremes. 2 any ni je la kat restaurant there ni. Sauce for grilled chicken and fried chicken were differed. To associate with rice, I prefer fried chicken has a more spicy sambal and smooth. But the sauce was tasty ni! I join je both for digaul with nasik because I really like the sauce. hehe

Grill chicken pieces 1 = RM5.50

That ni is extra grilled chicken pushes me tu. Because my son is also a sense of two-two. Tu He fared well his signature dish there are 2 types of chicken ni. Cuba if there are 8 kinds of ways tu cooked chicken, I think 1 hour mahu kid eat anything. Takpun order to hold 8 types. Hehehe

So, same tu la with fried chicken, grilled chicken was very tasty ni! Seriously if you come again, I do not know where I'm going to order that if asked to choose one. So end up, I'm going to order 2 jugak kot. Hahaha. But seriously la .. Both chicken grilled and fried chicken he was in contact with the pharynx la me. Granted I love la ..

I try not Teruja dah nak praise mad mad ni? Hahaha

For water, if there is something the restaurant menu Es tu Teler, indeed I will order tu confirm.

Ice Teler = RM4.00

I never order ice jazzed near many restaurants do not eat Indonesian in Malaysia ni. There are many ways that diorang make. There are a wide ABC dah with assorted ingredients like red bean, grass jelly etc. I'm really not like beans, grass jelly etc. tu. So if Ice Teler for so, indeed I think sad la .. Hahaha.

But around here have, I really like gile! Je simple cause and location of the fruits that are solely for Ice Teler namely jackfruit and avocado. Takda other objects are busied. He is slippery so you drink. Seriously I like and would order it again when it comes ni. The most delicious drink ever Ice Teler past 4 years to Jakarta first kot. Tu can be separated again in the best sense of the Ole-Ole Bali Restaurant (which I never ate at Sunway Pyramid and Empire) is ready there is also oil. Does best. But the price is not too pricey.

So for the price of RM4.00 je, I was satisfied with Ice Teler a simple but delicious fruit. Pulak I think Terliur dock. Hehehe

So in conclusion, I'm really satisfied with what I order. If we do not taste the same, do not be mad I'm ok. Hoho. Woooo savory same conversation wa lu

Attend waiter that we were, brother Hussein was a very kind and gentle. Elegant and soft je cakapnya. Like lah. Seriously. It would be here if I terjah again-when

Before I had time behind the poster image ni pushes it a little interesting that I do not. Orders for husbands:

Tempat Makan Best Di Ipoh Part 1

Ohhh, Sunday my dear, why do so quickly time passes .... huh Sunday best when there is 48 hours ... hehehhe ...

Ok ... today I have plans and Incik Daus makan2 event in conjunction with celebrating my mom and also my 60th Angah the 27th ... who actually falls on 18 & 19 March of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. But I could be busy memangdangkan giler throughout next week, so we celebrate too early huh ok ...

Actually quite dizzy looking dining gak that's cans nak2 suit everyone taste .. Ipoh .. got too old because no opportunity to wander up going to explore the place itself .. so this time in conjunction with burfday, jomlah we try to eat here ...

Assam House Restaurant,
29, Persiaran Greentown 4,
Greentown Trade Center,
30450 Ipoh,

This restaurant interior biasa2 only .. but comfortable ...

Actually I've already reserve a place a day earlier, full fearing. Diorder wait while the food arrives, let us cam-whore while ..

vegetable crackers ... kudap2 while waiting for food ....

Burfday gurl do we serve water ... giler cruel .. hahahha!

We order set meal for 5-6 people in RM 168 + + for this menu ...

Garoupa Fish Head Curry ... gravy thickens and it terbaiklah ... yummy!

Sauteed squid petai ... yummylicious!

Butter Prawn .. which is, in my throat, can ... not the best from all range of prawn butter that's I ever taste ..

With Oyster Sauce Fried Kailan ... Fresh vegetable giler him, soft and do not feel bitter kale tu ..

Steam Tofu With Oyster Sauce is between peberet .. I ...

This set includes soy water grass jelly yes .. he give a choice, do not wanna take this buleh soy and sugarcane grass jelly mixed herbs ...

I added the following menu ... this is not included in the above set of tau ... : P

Salted Soft Crab .. Oh God, how nice terasa2 best until now ... seriously!

I order additional studs mango ade jugak but Lupe plaque gambornya want to take this ...

So, let's .. let's go .. stomach .. mohle nyanyi2've been eating ... Bismillah ...

Aishhh enough time ni ..!

Mak Mertua Huisshhh ... back then I was not even aware men suck ya ... punyelah favors fish head ...

Best evidence was smooth .. eat over here!
Now it was time for the ceremony .. as for gift syahdu2 burfday .. yayyyy!!!

To mum and angah: Happy Burfday .. thank you so much for making me to who I am right now ... and thank you so much for taking care of "sister" until plump and fluffy! ahaks! ;-)

Wishing sister may Opah longevity, be healthy ... : P

To Opah ...

To Mak Ngah ...

Tempat Makan Best Di Melaka Part 1

Indeed, if pi Malacca void if not stopped in Umbai to enjoy seafood-based cuisine, one of the interesting places in Malacca. Kat this Umbai approximately 13 kilometers from the city. Over here is a lot of restaurants selling grilled fish but most large and many visitors were Ikan Bakar Parameswara. It is located at the end of all.

Ni le menu available and also the price of food down here. On the whole it was much cheaper than in Kuala Lumpur or in Bagan Lalang, about half the price.

First choose a fish or marine life in the heart consented to my tu pass both of them to be weighed and also order dishes what we want.

By the way, going in for a meal at this Umbai, parking fee of RM1.

After food passes tu order both of them for the number of objects to be placed allergic tu iron on the table. Then order a drink le.

To know Annals address? It is located in Medan Ikan Bakar, Pernu Base, Umbai, 75450 Melaka. Can call 06-261 6106 or e-mail can

Last order water and rice, both of them do not want to ask some fruit. If you want both of them will be parking on the table. For this fruit it is priced at RM4.00. It's OK, there are some watermelon, guava and apple.

Kitaorang order tomyam@RM9.00. My rating of 7.5, did not feel very kind but the kind of soup tomyam then. But OK gak cause allergic Afiqah enjoy eating this thing.

As usual, fried squid was my favorite. Munity squids without doubt look good, not like some places where the shape cekodok sorts. Kitaorang take a whim, a medium. After all meals for two adults and one child. Danish Prefer eating more of other foods. This squid is very crisp powders maybe not to avoid so chewy squid. I give this one 8.3 out of 10 rating. Not believe this price is only RM3.80 squid?

Tu pas kitaorang order sweet and sour seabass cooked. This medium sized fish, it's full right to feed two people. Maybe next time come here kitaorang order, squid, shrimp and crab. Fish was crisp and the taste is delicious, do not feel like the ground. Yes some kinds of fish taste aja land, but that this can be said to be perfect. My Rating of 8.1 out of 10. The price is RM23.40, less than a kilo.

Ni sauce, choose whichever one pleased.

It is full to eat over here, the street was going to feel lazy then.

All in all, including water, fruit and naasi is RM51. It's OK. Other times it comes Malacca, son dropping by Fish Grill located in Umbai Annals.

Tempat Makan Best Di Kuala Lumpur Part 1

Tempat Makan Best Di Kuala Lumpur Part 1

My partnership-kongsikan Here Attractive and Best Places to Eat in Kuala Lumpur through my experience terjahi these places. Special thanks to me rekomenkan idea for this entry:

Mee Bandung Muar Jalan Masjid India

Time so "Single While" Single and Available sempatla companions bring me dinner pekena Mee Bandung Muar in Jalan Masjid India. ∙ Fuhh, see Mee Bandungnya tantalizing enough already. Tuh not eat lagiOne of the best Mee Bandung Muar i ever tasteSenyum, smiling. Models can not wait Mee Bandung Dining seleraJemput Eat. Do not Be Shy-maluBro, While eating, while Usha best busty too right? .. This one I have not wanted paww Ko I had pulaSambil Water pekena belimbingKalau Mangoes and stop at Masjid India, TRYLA try ... satisfaction guarantee
Prices are fair ... Total meal 2 do not reach RM20

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

10 sites that pay writers (worldwide) per article

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Article Sale- . If you have any articles which you have never published anywhere before, you can sell them on this site. accepts international writers. You will be required to provide a unique writing sample when applying. Pays upfront through PayPal when you have the minimum payout level, which is $25
Constant-Content- If you have any articles which you have never published anywhere before, you can sell them on this site.

CloudCrowd – You will have to sign up using your Facebook account. 

ContentDivas – Pays upfront. Apply for a writing position through their website. 

iWriter- Pays upfront- You just sign up to the site and start getting orders. You do not need to fill out any applications or provide any writing samples. Pays weekly.

Mturk- They pay through Amazon gift certificates. Only US and Indian writers are paid cash through check.

NinerNiner- They pay $0.50 for blog posts (300-500 words). Signing up as a writer is quite easy. Pay is through PayPal.

Fiverr- set up a gig and sell your writing services for $5

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Salah Orang Kampung Ke BN Menang ?

Sekarang nie ramai mempertikaikan yg BN menang sebab undi orang kampung
Tak dinafikan BN byk menang kerusi di kampung
Tapi sedar tak banyak kawasan luar bandar BN menang tipis je
Contoh Parlimen Kuale Selangor yg BN menang majoriti 400++ je

Istilah orang kampung tak bijak dan cerdik patutu diubah
Zaman sekarang, ramai orang kampung yg berjaye
Ade yg lebih berjaye dari orang bandar

Dengan kerap post atau bukak thread pasal kononnye kebuduhan orang kampung yg membawe kekalahan PR adelah kesilapan
Same macam kesilapan BN yg tak henti2 mengatekan 'ape yang cine nak'
Ayat 'ape yg cine nak' itu sedikit sebanyak membuat pengundi cine makin marah dan benci pade BN
Jadi, tak mustahil jugak istilah2 yg kerap mngatekan dan menyalahkan orang kampung punce kekalahan PR sedikit sebanyak makin membuatkan orang kampung marah pada PR

Sedar atau tidak, majoriti dari kite semue berasal dari kampung
Majoriti yg berjaye di bandar berasal dari kampung dan masih mengambil keputusan untuk tinggal di kampung
Sejak sekian lame, pelajar2 cemerlang juga berasal dari kampung
Bahkan pelajar2 yang mendapat tajaan belajar juge dari kampung

Jike nak dikatekan taraf hidup
Tidak dinafikan ramai orang kampung berpendapatan rendah
Namun, jike dikire faktor kuase beli
Tidak ade beze yg amat ketare
Same seperti di Johor, even byk duit, disebabkan harge mahal, kuase beli berkurang
Diakhir cerite, sesetengah rakyat Kelantan yg berpendapatan sederhane atau lebih sikit dianggap lebih kaye kerane kuase beli mereke lebih kuat berikutan harge barang yg lebih murah
Begitu juga di bandar seperti di KL
Disebabkan kuase beli berkurang, berape ramai yg kononnye kaye tapi terpakse ikat perot dan duduk di rumah kos murah? Keadaan same seperti di kampung yg duduk di rumah setinggan

Sekarang nie jike dilihat di lawasan luar bandar seperti kuale selangor, rawang, sabak bernam
Ade ramai yg mampu bine rumah banglo
Jauh lebih besar dan selese dari rumah flat kos murah
Ramai juga yg sudah mampu memandu kerete mewah atau setidaknye kerete buatan luar negare dan bukannye Proton
Sorry to say, bukan nak meninggi, tapi just bg tau, ayah aku sendiri yg dah umor 60++ drive estima dan bukan exora
Rumah batu 2 tingkat dan bukan teres sempit atau flat tingkat 20
Dan die tak pernah duduk kat bandar
Kalau g bandar just beli barang atau nak ziarah aku je

Even aku dah duduk kat bandar sekarang nie
Tapi aku tak pernah lupekan dan menghina orang kampung
Aku sedar segale ilmu, kesenangan dan kenikmatan yg aku ade berkat dari Allah yg tak patut digunekan untuk memperlekehkan yg lain
Kehidupan susah mengajar aku dan keluarge berusahe
Bile dah senang, tugas dan tanggongjawap kite mambantu yg susah dan bukannye menghine yang susah

Diakhir cerite
Jike kite merase kite lebih bijak, lebih waras dan lebih betol
Jadi bantulah memperbetulkan mereke2 yg kite rasekan tidak melakukan perkare yg betol
Jangan la asyik menghine dan menyalahkan org kampung demi fahaman politik masing2
Kalau betol2 nk tegakkan fahman politik sekalipon
Fikirla, tiap kawasan kampung yg BN menang sekali pon
Tetap mendapat saingan sengit dari penyokong dan pengundi PR
Jage la juga perasaan penyokong dan pengundi PR di kawasan kampung
Mereke juga org kampung
Jike anda kerap menyalahkan dan menghine org kampung hanye kerane BN menang byk di kawasan luar bandar, anda lebih kurang same je dengan Parti BN yg kerap anda hine sebagai racist sebab mempertikaikan kaum cine yg tak mengundi BN
Masing2 suke menyalahkan orang lain 
Setiap dari kite mewakili parti yg kite sokong
Jangan rosakkan name baik parti yg kite sokong dengan tindakan yg tidak wajar

Ps: sekadar pendapat peribadi
Tak pakse pon korang bace dan tak pakse korg setuju
Byk salah type, type gune phone je
Malas bukak komputer

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What's Included in my Program:

   10 ways to instantly create an affiliate website that sells like crazy.
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   Why your sales letters suck and mine convert like crazy
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   How to create your own profitable e-product in 2 days.
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   How to create instant, search engine friendly content about subjects you know 

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   How to instantly create an Ebay powerseller company that makes a minimum of 

   Where to buy wholesale consumer products that are "hot", for the lowest prices, in 

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Dropshipping available.
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   So much other miscellaneous stuff, I'd be here all day.
A Few Additional Things You Should Know About My Strategies:
• They are especially useful for selling informational products, digital downloads, or 

access to a members only site. (your own or as an affiliate). Yet, several techniques also 

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• These are true “guerilla” marketing techniques. A few are so absurd that they are 

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• I'm not going to waste your time with general marketing info that you can find anywhere. 

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