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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Comic effect 2

Comic Book Effect: With Photoshop

If you are bored with a same monotonous flashy touch in your photos, then cartoon or a comic book effect is something which you need to try. This will be bringing out the fun part from your photos. You can also try out with some captions which would make it interesting and comical.

Here we have taken a sensual picture of a girl, you can try with anything.

Old halftone print effect

For this whole job you need to have a photo editing software, Photoshop 6. Then you can download the picture or use something you have it. Now we need to increase the contrast of the picture.

Now you need to go for IMAGE > ADJUSTMENTS > LEVELS. With it is INPUT LEVELS to 60 / 1.00 / 220 to the image. You can also edit the setting your way as you like. 

Then in the next step we will be giving a low quality paper look. In the image there will be a distortion in the image. So you must go to FILTERS > ARTISTIC > FILM GRAIN.

Now you will be using it to GRAIN: 4, HIGHLIGHT AREA: 0, INTENSITY: 10. 

With the duplicate layer set a new layer of HALFTONE. 

In the third step we will be giving a final comic book effect to the picture.

Go to FILTER > PIXELATE > COLOR HALFTONE. By keeping a default value you must go for the Set MAX RADIUS: 4. Press OK > LAYERS PALETTE> BLENDING MODE> DARKEN 

Now comic book elements should be used in picture

Now with some of the secondary touch you can certainly make it more perfect. You can add some strips that will be emphasizing the whole look.

HALFTONE layer> STROKE LAYER STYLE: 20px Width. Colour and inside: #F5ECE1

Here you can take a rectangle layer image and use a small rectangle with it. You can add three pixel stroke of the stroke 3. You will be adding yellow gradient. With a little rectangular box effect as it is considered for a bit larger one. Paint in white > 3 Pixels stroke will be given.

Finally you will be seeing something like this:

You can give a boarder the image.

For that you need to add a empty layer with the last step.


Now EDIT > STROKE, 4px Width, Black Colour, Location: Centre > OK 

FILTER > SHARPEN MORE for the boarder drawn for it. 

You can use any caption:

Finally you get your image.....

Thus you get this effect! If you like it then try it perfectly.

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