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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My personal way of SEO

This is my personal way of SEO, which I developed with the experience of their sites and sites of my clients. This method is not a lot of work every day, and after a few days easier than others. This is a 7 day cycle, but I only work Monday to Friday, so it lasts longer than a week for me. You can work on weekends if you want. This works fine if you have a lot of sites that you have to work or want to work more than the sites of several clients each day. I have never encountered ANY KIND OF PUNISHMENT IN SERPS with any other site.
Prerequisites:There is a private network of blogs that you own. It should not be very big, and it may be all about free subdomains, if you want to save money. 10.5 blogging enough in most situations.Create a free Blogger blog for each site that you are selling for.Create Account link to the market for each blog Blogger.Join a couple of forums related to your niche.Clean the blog related to your niche, you can manually comment.
Tools:AMRPatients SubmitterDuplicate Content coach Tyler checks or other checks duplicatesRetrieveCaptcha sniper or other CAPTCHA solverScrapeboxA kind of paper countArticle Submission Helper (free tool - optional)Autoblog Samurai (optional)
Day 1:Clean the article Get this article. Rewrite this story for at least 40% unique in one word, phrase, 60% of the unique two-word phrase, and 80% of the unique three-word phrase with duplicate checking the contents of the coach Tyler (Free Tool). In addition, write the name and write a resume and resource box links to the content of wheels and most of the submission of articles in the coming days. Now, when it is rewritten, you have to manually turn the paper with two variations on the sentence level, to have 3 spins offer is available. Do not waste your time synonymous substitution in the body of the article. Manually rotate the title three times, as well. Besides, is not synonymous with spinning on a resume, name, and two boxes of the resource. Now that you have prepared articles of the cycle.
Day 2:Wheel of Content Reference:You are going to provide the best string version of this article article directories, as well as some directories automatically endorse, the content of links to the wheel. You do not need a lot of sites to make it through and you can use Article Submission Assistant (Free Tool), to make it faster. I only use about 20-30 sites. Your resource box should have a link to a website, money and other links will automatically point to the last approved submission. Post a link wheel with Blogger, because you have full access to edit this article, that would be needed to complete the reference wheel.
Example - post in Blogger, EZA Post a link to the Blogger blog, post articles in the database with a link to Blogger, the idea of ​​marketing the post with a link to Blogger, the position Ezine brand marketers with a reference to the idea, go back and edit your Blogger post and link it to the post the idea of ​​marketing.
The mass article submission:Do not overdo the presentation of the article. If you get papers 50-100, approved it just fine. Too many will look to remove spam and reporting efficiency. Using AMR or the amount of the applicant to submit a paper prepared by a day sites. Your resource box should have two links on the site, or money, if you have only one keyword, a link to the site of money and other links will point to a random article from the previous round of the article.
Day 3:Document Content:Make a PDF or Powerpoint version of the allocated prepared this article. Each page should link to the website material of money. This link gives variety and looks natural.Apply for the most popular sites exchanging documents. I use the 10-15 sites. Collect all the links. Creating RSS-channel combo with the patient Submitter. Send RSS feed directories patients Submitter.
Forum profiles:Create a forum with the patient profiles Submitter. All 100 safe. This is my method: For the first 10 cycles, up to about 100 different platforms. After a cycle of 10 years, I only create profiles on the sites FAQ (5-10 cycles), and use the latest visitors to the profile of the widget to get thousands of backlinks to the inner profile to have the power profiles.
Day 4:Forum profile Send,, and any other site that the amount you want to submit the ping. If you decide to make your forum profile method to get the internal links to your profile today. I use Robotsoft Mouse Recorder to automate the process easy. Creating a blog on Blogger blog and cheese links to the forum profiles. Please contact by mail with a Ping-O-Matic or other diagnostic services.Optional - Send a message to the social Monkee, to get him the bookmark up to 25 seats.
Day 5:Update all accepted papers on the link wheel and a large part of the show. Using a tool such as reference checks patients to make sure that your website feedback page article, as some sites will approve your article, and remove your link, especially AMR. If you have that completed the list, and submit a list of Use Scrapebox comment on thousands of auto claims the blog links pointing to random articles. DO NOT USE ON SCRAPEBOX link to your site.
Day 6:With the final list of articles created yesterday bookmark articles or other patients Sender bookmark tool or as a defense AutoPligg. Get all the bookmarks and make them and
Day 7:Creating a blog on Blogger blog with a link to the final cheese articles that you found on the 5th day. Please contact by mail with a Ping-O-Matic, and submit it to social Monkee if you want to bookmark for free. Get a reference to the market and to take every request link exchanges, you get a blog Blogger.
Daily:HAND comment on blog posts related to your niche. My method is to comment on the 3-4 day. Easy and works great if you know some of the platforms that will automatically approve and not spam. Also, messages on the forums related to your niche with a daily feedback in your signature.Make a smart message and actually contribute to the community, if you ever want to be banned for spamming.
Behind the scenes:You must collect every link you create. With those, you will be working on the indexing of each link. With your private blog network: You need a source of original content and a lot. If you are creative and have a day or so to look for, it will not be a problem. I found more than 20,000 unpublished papers in a couple of hours. Using Autoblog Samurai, or manually if you want to schedule reports every 3-5 hours around 5 backlinks to the article. I'm just in a random and add a reference to certain phrases. Do this consistently and your links will be indexed nice. However, adding more power does not hurt!With Status.Net sites: You can join multiple sites and use these sites to be indexed. All you need to do is create a macro (or if you're like me, you can simply use Robotsoft Mouse Recorder to automate this) and provide links to sites with non-link messages to avoid getting spam is prohibited.
Once you are done with the cycle, just keep the other. This has been proven that it is very effective for me, especially my clients SEO, which I obviously work harder. My client was in the top 5 for a while now, using this method, and a keyword search gets 165,000 exact match for each month. If this is not proof that this method works, I do not know what is! Feel free to ask me questions!

400 USD setiap hari ?

Okay guys, here's a method I have for about four months, used not only for me from a decent amount of money, but it was by far one of the easiest methods that I ' have used in a while, usually only about five hours a day.

Everyone knows that article marketing, but in the end I see many users give up and go so far as to calling itself "does not work" ..

Well, I was on promoting CB products using only free items, and no, not by e-zine. Base section is the only one I really am, and represents about 80% of my profits. Ezine grew up in spam, and approval of non-recurring items can be for weeks at a time.

ArticlesBase an article is usually approved within a day or two, and are posted after about 12-15 points are then able to write, objects of unlimited self-approval. This is a huge timesaver.

I am currently about $ 380 a week, only the promotion of products through free articles. I also use Fiverr as a boost for the extra money we will have later.

Well, on one of my last son, there were quite a few detractors, but that will come if you can not find success with which I by this method. The technology itself works, the question is whether you are good to their implementation.

And this, I can see, many traders, that's what .. This is not true, the method works.

There is no great secret to this method. But this must be what you consider when choosing your products and niches.


You may have heard that if you want to promote a good product, the gravity, the first thing your decision based on having. What is true, but also bad. A high density usually means that the product sells well, but with a high density, competition even more. To find products, I would like to see different things of my choice, with gravity, the last.

These are very important things I look at when choosing a product to promote:

* The sales copy - he trains properly contain paragraphs, spelling and the correct wording?

* Site design - professional graphics, buttons and logos are the key to whether you have a sale.

* Item - Is this something you buy yourself? Is there a problem tend to have much more?

* Bonus Packages - Are they good or are they just a bunch of junk additional e-books?

* Prices of products - Use your common sense. The price may be a decisive factor for the success of a product.

* Keywords severity and competition - Is it worth your time to promote?
To promote products, to find, you must have a good eye.

What will you do:

- Choose products every day 2-3

- Write articles 4.3 Testing of quality for each

- Rich - notes for visual appeal to readers

- Promote the article on Twitter, bookmarks, Fiverr, etc. If you select.

- Rinse and repeat. (Seriously, it's that simple.)

So basically, I'm 2-3 high quality products every day, write and select items 3-4 for each product and nothing more.

You must begin to think "quality over quantity" and not vice versa.

In writing this article, I try to personalize everything. You can not create an S * the letter. This should be an objective one, which heats and leads the reader gently to be more Click on the product page.

Do not worry about hype, the product page can do for you.Instead, tell the readers about your personal experiences and how this article helped you.

When writing your articles, do you want as little as possible spam. Your readers do not want to see a copy of the purchase, if someone in your article. Instead, attach great importance to ensuring that your product is refunded, and friendly.

Many people like to flood your articles with affiliate links in the form of anchor texts. I think this is another sign a few copies * Spam-S, which is a few miles to find a potential buyer. Theres just something about most people who flee when they in any way that you make a sale to discover and enjoy. So you want to get the point as usual and make unsuspecting as possible.

Only the product that has a little more to the author, why is it better than other products on the market and how it helped you in a personal interview. Once your article is complete, you simply place a link at the bottom in the form of something like:

"When it comes to (the article in question here), I recommend a wonderful resource (called anchor text with an affiliate link here) Check it out!"

This takes you to a normal person just take a link to the product directly from nature. We can also connect the first tests on the product name as the link text.

Well, unlike e-zine, provides ArticlesBase you place affiliate links in the article itself in the form of a URL shortener. I use the ShrinkMyLink, and it works like a charm. It takes less time, you do not need to create a blog or buy a domain.

Despite the belief, universal direct link to product page scroll worked with me in order, and commissions in. This is why the article should be of good quality, so that by the time they are taken to read, is the only other place they want to go to the product main page.

What is the key to really push the traffic solid / commissions?- Your title.

I think this short and sweet, as is actually quite simple to do.When it comes to keyword research, this is where many traders to make a little worried. I'm here to tell you that despite what you hear, do not spend hours on a bunch of stuff kind of technique of SEO to get this done.

It's as simple as going to Google and do a simple search here. What we want is to find 3 or 4 keyword phrases, good quality, that competitors are not intended to. These sets consist of the product name, author name, and some other general search terms. Let us break:

Suppose you make the product "The secret of the last sentence," which is written by Kelvin Houghton.

Here are some of the keyword phrases are the thumb I use, and you should check Google:

* The last secret traffic Kelvin Houghton
* Last Traffic Secret ecourse
* The secret of the updated traffic information - Is this a scam?
* Traffic Ebook Last Secret by Kelvin Houghton
* The review of the ebook secret of traffic load

The five basic that I have the most success with are:

"Product Name Ebook Review"
"The product name of the author"
"Software Products +"
"Products + ebook"
"Product Name - Is this a scam?"

Of course, you may need to change or modify a bit, but you get the idea. Especially for the exact, that buyers are looking watch, and when it hosted by someone else. More often than not, they are not expensive. You are in the amount of keyword phrases, big-time competitors are targeting not surprised. Blows My Mind.

Most of the articles, I will introduce the No. 1,2,3,4 spots on the first page of Google within minutes and made they will remain. What is coming is where most of your gains, but the article directory itself too much to bear.

One last thing: launch

This is where I make a big, big, big part of my winnings.Develop a product that is about to start, you can more than $ 400 in one day. Just go to some reputable vendors, sign up through their opt-in waiting on their affiliate page, and until they send you word of all takeoffs.

Writing good articles, and publish the day before or later than the day of launch. This will take you to get ahead of the competition and help you reap commissions like crazy. I did it for one of the latest products Rob Benwell and he gave me a small fortune, and continue to make gains over a month later.

To top it off .. I also use Fiverr. I create concerts that I can easily finish the job as SEO, video testimonials or something, and then I'll push a product to the user if they are satisfied with the concert that I did. It's easier than you think and earn money for the concert. I make about $ 150-200 off Fiverr alone every week. Each method, regardless of size, must be used if they have more money in your pocket.

This is basically is. Rinse and repeat. The work on each day, with some good products every 3-4 days each item awarded in various categories.

This method does, in fact, another person, I found that this method has made money in general, in a day or two. Many of these commissions its first time. It is a matter of doing the method correctly. Flooding in a list of 30 items in a product will do nothing, but you remember punk as a spammer, you are your readers are not stupid. Quality over quantity.

Here are some tips to summarize everything up:

* Feel free to create multiple accounts on the author ArticlesBase - To remain covered if one of your accounts should be disabled for any reason. This can also check the performance of different niches and products are distributed.

* Remember not to focus solely on IM products, as there are many other untapped niches are available.

* Do not put affiliate links in your author box ArticlesBase.Just write an honest investigation about yourself and where your from. Do not place affiliate links in the article body.

* Use other forms of support to increase your traffic and clicks on this point. for example. Youtube, Fiverr, Digg

* Submit articles in a day after the launch of new products

* To say the least-promote the product, but just a sad story that readers are personal

* Do not over complicate things! You will become a better writer with each passing day, and soon be able to hit the items every few minutes.

* Not on the small number of points of view not worry, as we catch up with our wide range of products

Tweet * each element of the publication, because they add additional views and higher rankings in Google

* Use a nice graphic or photo to your photo - Girls work well.

* If you are looking for items in a directory that does not allow affiliate links, just create a free BlogSpot blog contains a thorough inspection or certificate of the product, post a link to the product page the substance is very high and the Blog post office. To save money on a domain controller too.

* Do not over complicate things. Simple is safe, just take your time and work every day. You see the sales.

I still use this method, and my sales increase by about 15-20% every week - I'll keep you posted something new that I find works.


Wikileaks dedah konspirasi ameno n SPR 2012

Pendedahan oleh Wikileaks.Program IC Bukan Lagi FANTASI.Ianya REALITI


Dan Akhirnya Ni La Balasan Bagi Umat Islam Di Sabah:


Originally Posted by yinbyungheon
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Warga asing, PATI halang orang kampung bersolat!

PENDATANG Asing Tanpa Izin (PATI) yang mendapat MyKad melalui pintu belakang, Wahab Bin Nonong (gambar atas) telah bertindak menghalau Imam Rawatib yang dilantik Jabatan Hal Ehwal Islam Negeri Sabah (JHEAINS) dan melantik dirinya sebagai ‘Imam Bertauliah’ di surau yang dibina di atas tanah adat yang dicerobohnya; milik Anak Negeri Sabah, Nina Bte Gaya.

Natijahnya, penduduk kampung terpaksa membina surau sementara beratap dan berdindingkan karung plastik terpakai untuk membolehkan mereka menunaikan solat lima waktu, tarawih dan majlis tadarus Al-Quran.

.................................................. ...............................................

.................................................. ...............................................


KARUNG....Surau sementara ini terpaksa dibina menggunakan karung plastik terpakai, sekadar membolehkan jemaah berteduh dari panas terik mentari.

.................................................. .............................................

.................................................. .............................................


Bagaimanapun, jika keadaan berterusan, Nina bercadang akan memfailkan kes ini ke mahkamah, termasuk mendapatkan perintah mengusir Wahab daripada tanah adat yang dicerobohnya dengan restu Penolong Pemungut Hasil Tanah Lahad Datu sedangkan permohonan tanah Wahab telah dibatalkan Pengarah Jabatan Tanah dan Ukur.

Kes Wahab ini telah dilaporkan bertajuk ‘PATI IC Projek Kini Menjadi 'Raja' Di Tanah Adat?’ namun PATI berkenaan terselamat daripada tindakan undang-undang kerana menjadi Ketua Cawangan UMNO Silam Pacific Hardwood.

selanjutnya :

source: http://milo

milo suam tu kene di sambungkan dekat jadi milosuam

p/s: Ni Isu Semasa...Bukan Isu Politik Semata Mata...

Adakah Anda Ingin Ianya Berlaku Di SELANGOR??


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Salhan K Ahmad

Ogos 16, 11


Ketua Wanita PKR, Zuraida Kamarudin hari ini mendakwa, BN sedang "menyeludup pengundi dengan berselindung di sebalik program pemutihan pendatang asing."

Zuraida (tengah, bertudung) mendakwa, beliau mempunyai bukti dan saksi bahawa usaha itu dijalankan melalui program pemutihan 6P yang sedang berjalan.

"Wanita PKR berjaya menyelinap masuk ke dalam program pemutihan ini dan mendapati bahawa pendatang asing dikehendaki bersumpah untuk menyokong Umno dan BN sebagai salah satu daripada syarat proses pemutihan.

"Wanita PKR sempat mengambil skrip sumpah untuk didedahkan kepada orang ramai," katanya lagi dalam satu sidang media di ibu pejabat parti itu hari ini.

Beliau turut menunjukkan satu helaian kertas yang didakwa mengandungi "skrip" berkenaan, yang antara lainnya menyebut "saya/ suami/ anak-anak, tanpa berbelah bagi akan menyokong dan mengundi Umno/ Barisan Nasional (BN)."

Helaian berkenaan turut diedarkan kepada wartawan dalam sidang media hari ini.

Kumpul sepuluh saksi

Ketika ditanya, Zuraida mendakwa helaian berkenaan merupakan "bukti sahih" kerana "kita masuk ke sana dan ambil bahagian sebagai salam seorang daripada (pendatang asing)."

Jelasnya, beberapa orang "kawan-kawan kita" berjaya memasuki pusat pemutihan yang enggan dipastikan lokasinya itu dan berjaya mendapat salah satu daripada salinan dokumen itu keluar.

"Setakat ini kita ada sepuluh orang saksi. Kita sedang kumpul lebih banyak bukti sebelum kita bawa mereka ke hadapan untuk dedahkan (perbuatan tersebut)," katanya.

Zuraida hanya berkata, PKR sebelum ini membuat pendedahan mengenai kegiatan memberikan kerakyatan kepada pengundi, yang didakwa berlaku di Sepang, Hulu Selangor dan Shah Alam.

"Kita akan dedahkan banyak lagi bukti lebih konkrit," katanya lagi di sidang media yang turut dihadiri dua orang wakil rakyat PKR Selangor -- Elizabeth Wong dan Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.



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Senarai pengundi meragukan







































































































































































Check kat sini;


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jpn perjelas isu 'mykad' bertarikh luput

*kuek ser kuang keng

1:25pm apr 24, 2012 *

gambar 'mykad' dengan perkataan "pemastautin sementara" dan mempunyai tarikh luput bersebar luas di internet sejak termuat di facebook minggu lepas.

Dikatakan dikeluarkan kepada warganegara burma, perkara itu menimbulkan persoalan sama ada warga asing diberi kerakyatan dan sama ada ia boleh digunakan dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Semakan dengan pangkalan data suruhanjaya pilihan raya (spr) mengesahkan pemegang mykad itu bukan pengundi berdaftar.

Jabatan pendaftaran negara (jpn) bagaimanapun menjelaskan hari ini bahawa mykad ini sebagai versi kad lama pemastautin sementara yang dikeluarkan pada 2001.

"pada masa itu, kerajaan tidak mempunyai pelbagai jenis kad untuk warganegara, permautautin tetap dan pemastautin sementara," kata jpn dalam kenyataannya kepada malaysiakini pagi ini.

Sebelum tu sila tgk bukti ni kalo betul2 spr & jpn x jual negara >


Originally Posted by slvrchair
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bukti bervideo!!!

Sila Berbahas Isu Ni Dari Sudut KESELAMATAN NASIONAL...

Sebab Ni Mmg Isu Keselamatan NEGARA!!

Tolng Jgn Ubah Ke Section Politik...Plzzzzz!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

How it feels like to be rich

What is it like to be rich
• Posted by James Altucher

• 13 January 2011Tweet
After the loss of over a million a week in cash during the summer of 2000, I had to sell my apartment. So one day in 2002, all boxes were packed, was the house empty. We had two moving vans waiting for us to move to an hour north of the city. It was like an exile.My self esteem is gone, my house was gone, I had not slept a full night in almost three years, and other things I can not even speak.My ex-wife, daughters of two small children and Lynne, a close family friend who helped us move, threw a last look around. "Oh. My. God," said Lynne. "It really is."
It was a decade and has moved on, good and bad (mostly good).Someone asked yesterday on the quorum question: "What if you're feeling rich?" I thought I was going to answer based on my experience prior to 2000. I'll put another 2000-2010 for both.

(Bill $ 100,000)
Many people began to question the quorum "I was able to this or that, or you can buy" these objectives and to answer that. "" Money was never a question for me, then and now. It was never something I wanted to buy something (other than the next iPad!) I have minimal material possessions. If you know me, you would see clothes that I suck, and the edges of all my pants are frayed. I do not own a suit. I do not have a driver's license, etc. are luxury cars out. I like comic books more than color. I do not like to fly or sail. And I do not drink wine or on-site a lot. What does this mean for me, at the time:
- DNA. I finally felt well enough to pass on my genes than myself and have children. I never wanted to have children before. There is obviously a result of developments that we feel a strong urge to pass on our genes. I've never had before in this way, but somehow felt a large sum of money has has given me permission to try to have children.

- Security. For a brief moment I felt "safe" - as if nothing could hurt me and I could not live forever. In 1999 I visited the president of a company I was a shareholder. I was in Los Angeles and he picked me up at the hotel in its latest Porsche. We were huge in his house and it gave me a ride. As we sat down, he said: ".. I did not even do that I have so much money that now nothing can touch me" I know it sounds corny and unbelievable, but a year later, he came of developing cancer . After fighting cancer for years, he was given the new worse and worse over the outlook to the end he turned and found the corpse of his children. I've heard news exclaimed, as his wife, all in his address book. It is not really a lesson. L money has its advantages, but immortality is not one of them (although, if need be - How To Live Forever) ..
Another example. A friend of mine was run a gaming site and I wanted to sell it, or maybe something with (this was 1999, so why not?) I introduced him to a guy out, that I, on Wall Street. I could not even find an office guy. I had never been to the south that, while Wall Street. My friend and I sat there, while Shlomo (not his real name, but you get the drift) said: "Look at me ten years ago I was a shlub Now I do not have $ 100 million just in America, true,..? "About two years later, Shlomo was the center of a massive FBI sting with a currency brokerage company, he began, it was easy to put investors' money since the 70s. He was in prison. Even my Orthodox friends turn away and refuse to talk to him every time I asked if they knew.
- The scarcity. My feelings of security and immortality, quickly gave way to scarcity. After all, I thought if I could $ 10 million it has to be easy. In fact, I honestly thought everyone had probably already made $ 11 million. I felt again the poor. I need some $ 100 million to be happy. I rode in a car with a friend of mine and his wife. I said: "Everyone now has 10 million." She said quickly, "not everyone".

(A picture I did. But it was cheap, and the images are from a comic)
- Friends. I lost a few friends. Then I made some new friends. When I went down in the elevator of my apartment one last time, 100% of these new friends were destined to never speak to me (at least until January 12, 2011). My new friends said things like, or "fuck him. Remove all his actions" or "Good luck. A good life" or "the right course!" "Mark Cuban is a plot"
- The value of money. I realized (too late, but I learned) that I never knew the value of money. I had been aware of never before money.My previous goals were games, making websites fun, or write novels. Well, that was my only goal money, money, money and more money. I told my therapist at the time, in 2001, "is like losing a loved one," and she said, "my dear, as you've never really lost a loved one sounds right."
Money is a great thing. This is the reward of hard work, good luck (which often won the chance) and you can do amazing things.Create to create new businesses, jobs, buy your independence and freedom from corporate America. But first you have to climb many obstacles to make money is just the first. Very little is better than a lot of money.
But money is a house that in places where it is appreciated. I do not like money. So he left me.
When we were in the car, drive back to our new home in 2002, he was in the middle of a snowstorm. I could have cried, I was so bad about what had happened. But it was too much to think about. So for a brief moment I saw the snow and remembered what it's like a child. Taste The first snow of the year on the tip of my tongue.
In the Internet bubble, I lost $ 15 million cash. Yes, I'm an idiot. You know what happens when you lose that kind of cash? If you go to zero? You lose your libido. You do not want to have sex again. And even Viagra will not help. I have my house. I lost my family. I lost all my friends are fake. I was sick all the time. People laugh when I passed on the street, I was absolutely sure it made me laugh. $ 15 million cash. One million per week in the summer of 2000. I was able to save lives with this every night I would have money.Instead on the floor and try to force my body to die mentally. [See: "What it means to Be Rich feels"]

So now I'm going to save lives. They are shareholders Facebook going to make much money. A friend of mine has used one of the most commonly used features on Facebook that we use every day.It is to be $ 15,000,000. My message is for him, but the rest of you can hear the conversation.

A.) The one-year rule. Do not change your lifestyle at all for at least a year.

No new house or apartment. Do not buy a luxury car. Do not buy expensive work. Do not take a mistress. This does not mean these things are bad. It's just that you will leave the new wealth of your soul marinate a bit.

(I bought this 5000 sqm apartment a month later, I sold my first company. Stupid!)

Be comfortable with it before you try new clothes that could not adapt. When buying toys or expensive houses massively change your perspective and everything you could do a lot crazier than you were when you first climb up the ladder of success were.

Remember: One year.

Two.) No-friends rule. Do not borrow money to old friends. Do not be so quick to make new friends. If you make money, you will approach each new investment, you can make. Or people they want to borrow money.

Do not do it either.

It is very difficult, of course, a friend who deny that says:. "Listen, I just need to borrow $ 100,000 for 90 days" Or: ". I have a great new start-up, such as Twitter, but I'm just looks better to raise $ 500,000 and $ 300,000, I left for you come around." I probably lost hundreds of thousands of loans, they are usually paid back the next day.

Here is what you might say... "I would love to do like it sounds good now everything goes according to my financial adviser in connection and you can talk with him I am by what he says, legally, because of all the things I do not understand gotta go. "

And do not lie. Take your wife or husband or mother or whatever your financial adviser and tell them to say no to everything. But it is necessary if you want to keep your friends. Especially during the first year (see previous rule).

Three. Not invest). What's the rush? You just your money. Put it in a savings account for a year at least. Or under the mattress. None of the shares. No paintings. No private investment. Do not try to start a business again so quickly.

A friend of mine recently $ 3 million in a poker tournament after being broken for many years (his life). He immediately wanted to buy a hotel.

Do not do it.

It was just before the housing crisis and resulting recession all.Thank God, he followed my advice, if you absolutely forced to do an investment to you, then follow the next rule.

4) Rule 2%. If you really feel that Google is going to $ 5,000 per share, and you have to buy shares at $ 500, not more than 2% of your money in it. Then, if everything goes to hell, you have lost only 2% of your money (or more likely, 1%, since Google will probably never get more than 50%).

It is difficult for contractors to come into sudden wealth, because it so that their money by making the most of their assets in an investment (business) bound are used to.

But that's probably the most important rule in the list. After the six rules of course.

Five.) Generally healthy. Believe it or not, your health is seriously threatened today, when you come into sudden wealth. More risk than ever before.

A friend of mine had a very stressful activity in the online gaming space. He spoke about the FBI were to outlaw and stop it going concern. It was broken, and the case was still in a state of lack of money.

Up, up, and stress.

I thought he had a stroke or heart attack, but he was always very healthy. Then he sold his company and made $ 50 million. Three months later he was on a ski slope in Aspen, enjoy the fruits of his labor, when suddenly a massive heart attack and survived only because of immediate medical attention. It was essentially dead for 5 minutes on the operating table.

Your body, in a very adrenaline, move sentence, until the situation is more. But do not think that if stress is that your body will not be forgotten. It does not work.

You need to focus on health after getting sudden wealth.

Here is the bottom line thing. If you are attacked, the body goes into fight or flight mode. Adrenaline pulls up. The same happens when you start a business. The only difference is that they are being attacked every day and you sit motionless on your computer. So, when the adrenaline soothe your body do things very strange. If you stay healthy.

(She had a lot of stress)

6) Try not to burn out. You have worked hard to get here. They have worked 120 hours a week. You just "Mad Men." Your girlfriend cheated on you. Your parents have your birthday 50 years. I see.Congratulations.

But do not burn for now. You need to show responsibility and be around people that make all the right choice in trusting you, hire you, you pay, you inspire, you feed them. You have to prove hardly a chance in life that you do that stuff and it is one of them.

And what to do when you lose everything? Do not worry. Make the following number:

7) The daily practice

If you implode and lose it all happened, here's the technique I used to get on the floor and get motivated again, and new businesses to and from failure to success (and I had to repeat a few times).Basically, I consider the body as four interconnected bodies: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They are all connected. It's like a way to get your heart is blocked then the blood and oxygen can not flow properly through your body and you get sick.

It's the same here, if everything goes right then you will not get sick, you lose all your money, and die. But if you are the boxes of what I have to check is the daily practice, your life will be very different in six months, regardless of how you fell apart before. Believe me, my life changed completely ever again six months.

Note: There is no such thing as luck. This can apply both to businesses and people say, you were lucky, but the truth is that you will be ..: In the world plays chess, and there is a saying "Only the good players get lucky." able to do it again and again, no matter how you fall.

Trust in him and follow these rules and the sudden wealth will become the permanent wealth.