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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

gambar tempat2 yang gagal jadi the new 7 wonder of nature.

1.Bu Tinah Shoals-United Arab Emirates.

Bu Tinah is a tiny archipelago amid extensive coral formations and seagrass beds to about 25 km south of 35 North and Marawah circularity in the UAE. [1], which is in the waters of Abu Dhabi, it is protected as a private nature reserve. Bu Tinah Island, rich in biological diversity in the marine biosphere Marawah ² with an area of ​​over 4,000 km. The biosphere reserve is the first and largest of the region designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Navy. It was recognized by UNESCO since 2001. [2] for the visitors, the fishing and the collection of turtle eggs is closed, on the island of Bu Tinah, banned the ban enforced by patrols. Bu Tinah is actually a group of islands and sand banks, or nearly joined at low tide, with never more than two or three meters above sea level. The main island has a sheltered lagoon opening to the south with the low-energy environment to mature stands of mangrove bird Socotra cormorant as flourish.Even are here.
The booming housing Bu Tinah is a unique living laboratory, with a key importance for research on climate change. This unique natural habitat, with its shallow waters, seagrass beds and mangroves high, set amid extensive coral reefs that are home to rare and endangered marine species globally. Birds such as flamingos and ospreys, several species of dolphins and turtles in Bu Tinah rare.The island's waters are also home to the second largest population of dugong in the world, a large marine mammals that are threatened worldwide. About 600 of the 3,000 dugongs live in the country in the waters around Bu Tinah and creatures are threatened with extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists.This valuable natural resource is part of the largest protected area in Abu Dhabi.Its important despite scientific community and the health of coral habitats and species to their high temperature and salinity on the island of passionate interest.
2.Dead Sea-Jordan, Israel.

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