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Saturday, March 17, 2012

10 Sins of Mahathir Mohamad

Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has criticized all the prime minister of Malaysia from the late Tunku Abdul Rahman until Najib Razak, except himself sendiri.Mahathir also criticized other world leaders including British PM Tony Blair and of course George W. Bush, U.S. president to -43

So far no one dare to speak terhadapnya.Ini not surpris
ing as only one or two of the AM-PM is still alive, including Najib himself.
Of international leaders, most of them do not want to ignore Mahathir, and this only added to his anger, but can he do tiadaapa them.However, he can make his life sukardan successors have done this successfully.

After Mahathir retired in 2003, after 22 years as PM, some began talking about the legacy of 'great' and he was known also as the Father of Modernisation Malaysia. About 9 years after he retired, kepincangandalam economic policies, social and political evil to the country worse than the 2006 tsunami that hit most of South Asia.

At the age of 86 years, Mahathir is now despised by most Malaysians, and blamed for the massive corruption that can membankrapkan country where there is no recovery action is taken, and for the gap between the races is so apparent among the various ethnic groups in the country.

Just look at the New Economic Policy, which is the idea of ​​policy makers in the 1960s, which has a maximum disalahgunakannya.Abuse alone is enough to ensure that he remains as Malaysia's premier Villains "and not as prominent as difikirannya distinction.

For friends who are still the main mengingatitujuan NEP TengkuRazaleighHamzah including former Finance Minister, he said last week that the NEP was never intended to create or be used to produce the Malay capitalist class, but to address poverty and improve the level of Malay participation in ekonomi.Ia was never intended for such as is happening now misused by the government today to select group of Malay entrepreneurs they want, give them a government project to get great discounts and expect them to move forward and create economic opportunities keupayaanekonomi banyakbagi help improve society.

This is a mistake Mahathir first and foremost. But is it really a mistake? Those who are in doubt and the critics said that acquired wealth to cronies and proxies menjanawang scheme to hide behind the NEP, and the privatization of profitable state assets selected Malay entrepreneurs, such as former chairman MASTajudinRamli.Unable to menguruskan'kejayaansegera 'or high-risk business pressures, many have been lured into debt during the Asian financial crisis in 1998.Tajudin and his friends as a terbuangberbanding HalimSaad has menjadiorang mereka.Merekakerugiansejumlah golden age of money and require a government guarantee for the amount many are.

To kronisahaja other but no
Mahathir's second error is large kebodohannya.sebahagian national wealth in the hands of a certain number of people in Malaysia. This time the non-Malay millionaires iatermasuk like Vincent Tan, Robert Kuok and Ananda Krishnan. Tan has just announced his retirement. Kuok Dissatisfied with severe hubungankaum in this country have chosen to stay in Hong Kong, while Ananda required by the Indian authorities for allegedly had bribed the licensor to buy Aircel telecom.

Accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few individuals will leave the Malays and Malaysians who are familiar with only a little to share bersama.Inilah a heated dispute involving social and economic injustice. Not only is there enough money to scholarship, education, health, employment and welfare for all, the Malays, who have repeatedly told by the leadership of Mahathir's UMNO party that they will receive priority, have been left in the lurch.

Malays now constitute 96% of the 40% poorest with the lowest income in the non-Malays negara.Bagi, of course, they feel worse kesannya.Ramai who were forced to go abroad to work and education and employment opportunities belajar.Sememangnya very little for the non-Malays in the country ini.Sekali again, the most to benefit are the elite in Umno party, family and their cronies. So Mahathir - even with soaring praise for himself, in fact blind. Money is far more important to him even harder for him to admit.

Trust the wrong person
Mahathir's third mistake was choosing the wrong person for the work salah.Beliau salah.Semua also believe the Malay millionaire she was not a true business intelligence, but only a trusted aide Financial bekasMenteri DaimZainuddin.Itulah why people like Tajuddin, Halim, RHB Bank Husein Rashid, Mohd Noor and Abdul Muttalib RahmanMaidin (MRCB) ended with kegagalan.Ada of them have been dragged to court to settle the debt.

Daim Zainuddin remains only the rich. Many of his players ended with bank debt that piled up danpelbagai business to be transferred to Baru.Entah how Umno, Umno legend has managed to save himself Mahathir.Pada sahaja.Ini clearly disappointing first he wanted to 'cheat' the people, his own tetapiakhirnya being deceived!

Familiarize the culture owes to Malaysia
Mahathir did not expect that the higher the national debt as today, it has grown to more than 450 bilion.Walaupun several times 'begging' to Singapore and Brunei, he was rejected by both. Finally, he borrowed from abroad by issuing bonds and 'steal' every cent of Petronas and its related companies and other government to finance mega-projects. During his reign for 22 years, Mahathir never kept even some money to Malaysia for this kecemasan.Dan fourth error.

Lack of understanding of economic principles
Mahathir was just a regular doctor; general practitioners with no particular expertise. Understanding about the economy more or less just as other Malaysiayang people. The idea of ​​improving the equity of the Malays so easy-to use GLC.Wawasan Mahathir in business is through control of shares in the company as possible without considering the possibility of loss wang.Dukacitanya, realitijuga business environment involves a loss, not just profit.

Mahathir's economic policy has no foundation and was never tested in any country before ini.Ia based on opinions and views sahaja.Jika proved good or effective, many countries will segeramelaksanakan this idea centuries ago. Capitalist economic system and the communists are also facing economic collapse and iaadalah something these days, because it is part of the cycle of man-made economic fluctuations. Some economists have even urged the countries to return to the gold-based currency, the monetary system mantap.Jadi kaedahkuno that this can compare with the economic concept Mahathir childish? The fifth error yangsalah understanding of Mahathir is ekonomi.Ianya led to controversy peg of the dollar and stock market trading overnight closure of CLOB in 1998 - two events which investors have yet to forgive Malaysia and Dr Mahathir.

Syndrome dictator
Ego and unconscious attitudes to become dictator Mahathir is wrong keenamnya.Dia amend the constitution to weaken the King and the Sultan and to ensure that the legislative bodies and law enforcement kepadanya.Dia obey dismissed Chief Justice Tun Salleh Abbas and close both eyes when judges can be bought openly by those who berpengaruh.Ia that make it difficult for Malaysians and investors to fully trust in the judiciary. This is why Umno-BN has lost its integrity and trust in the coalition against them.Malaysians will always suspicious of anything done by UMNO BN even though it may actually have good intentions.

Racist policies
To prevent destruction of the policy and misconduct from being exposed, was forced to use racial politics to be kegemarannya.Dia to convince the Malays that what he was doing was necessary for their interests. He menyimpanhabuan great for small pieces of himself and to convince the Malays that the conflict against the other races are non-Malays benar.Orang should be blocked. Therefore, the budget allocation for programs such as BTN or National Civics Bureau in which the Malay graduates and civil servants openly nurtured to become suspicious of other races.

But not everyone is against the terpengaruh.Ajaran Malay Muslims and also for the values ​​of humanity. The Malays are in a state of confusion, while the non-Malays at all aside. Racism is the error number 7 Mahathir.

If Mahathir and Umno has managed to make Malaysia a developed nation status by 2020, the record shows why so many serious errors until now? Stay only eight years but the economy still in poor condition with a soaring national debt, racial and religious harmony in disarray, and the worsening political situation where the Umno-BN openly launched a terror to stop the opposition from holding the rally.

The education system has no direction, deteriorating health systems, and more expensive, with 1Care system that has been rejected outright before they try to dilaksanakan.Sistem law, and peace is still questioned, abuse of power and corruption is more widespread than ever before in the Umno-BN government. Of the country fast warm-up for realizing Vision 2020, Malaysia may be otherwise bankrupt. Not fight corruption, but membiakkannya hand, is error number 8 Mahathir.

Interfere with national governance
The majority of the Malays are still poor and need government assistance even after 55 years of Umno "success" (failed) administration. The non-Malays have enough patience and enough to give Umno a chance. They had to wait until the third generation after independence in 1957 and they now had enough of the Umno BN. So also were Melayu.Mereka not benefit directly from Umno wealth, and this is the majority of them, are also getting bosan.Ramai mulamengundi opposition and is dijangkalebih many will do so.

When he realized that the situation is becoming serious, he handed over the baton to Abdullah Badawi, the impression that he can still control the government through 'remote control'. But when it does not work sepertiapa he wanted, was forced to remove and replace about Badawi said. Badawi is not the caliber and capacity to lead is not in Malaysia but at least Najib? Over the years, from providing assistance, Mahathir continued to meddle in the affairs negara.Mengganggu urusanpentadbiran country and not allowing the leaders to solve the problem in accordance with the present era is a mistake to-9Mahathir.

Cause problems in Umno and raise Mukriz
However, Mahathir would not accept or acknowledge kesilapannya.Daimerupakan a man who refuses to face reality. He was not interested in the welfare of Malaysians at all, for the Malays and Umno. He just wanted to save his reputation and make sure his son Mukhriz as prime minister, without which he perlulakukanbersama commander mengiraapaapa Umno to realize these wishes.

Cruel and selfish self, He would be doing what he had to do sahajawalaupun chaos just to fulfill that ambition. He can medaftar in semulake in UMNO to stay in power. Imagine what he would do to get a seat for Umno president Mukhriz. But his actions are not stopped from interfering and cause problems in Umno will be the tenth and final mistake for him.

Mahathir akanmenjatuhkan Umno, and in the fall, is likely to lead UMNO with Mahathir.

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