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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tempat Makan Best di JB

Since hari jumaat lagi saya dah start busy dengan packaging, packaging, packaging..
Lepas tu mana nak sempat buat semua Since Friday I dah start again busy with packaging, packaging, packaging ..
Where the boy had separated tu for all in 1 day, Saturday Munday was working from home packaging packaging packaging ..
Saturday night was the one gi kejiranan BBQ party .. do not go for the heart is also bad because it kejiranan .. ask nak later apa2 happy with that kind neighbor ..

Sunday night was, I dah up tired and numb hands because packaging, packaging, packaging ...
So invite father damia eat outside .. btw tengahari kat tu jer call Dominos Pizza delivery boy could not cook because ... huhu ..

Regular verse that he will ask me "Where kat kid eat??"
I said "nak kat eating places penah not eat" .. hihi

Google has Google in the train, See your website ni ..
There are many food choices Bagitau kat Medan Selera Tebrau Edge ni ..
What's more, On GPS, approximately 20 Minit up here ..

Not unusual kat passing here ..
But apesal sebelum2 ni never stopped here erkk ..
Ntah!!! May be because kat here a very crowded parking kot ... son too hard .. tu lazy boy stopped .... huhu

Ok lah nak main goal I also ate kat places I never ate ni is a kid because this meal!!!!! !!

Fried Baby Crab!!
RM10 sepinggan
Bestnya...crispy, crunchy dan yummy..
Licin 1 pinggan sampai tak tinggal sebatang kaki baby crab pun..:))

Lepas tu order pari bakar...
Kat sini tak kira ikut Gram
Dia kira lumpsum sekor sekor..
Pari ni RM20 sebelah..
Ok lah harganya..Rasanya pun not bad..

Nasi goreng kampung dan nasi putih utk both Damias..

Kat sini juga femes utk jenis ais-ais jelly dan buah-buahan ni..
Aleesya order LaiCiKang...
RM 4.50

Ayyunie order Ais Kacang..
RM 4.50

Saya dan ayah damia order Air Laici, RM4 segelas..

If the field tu kat, kat Stall end this once ..
Actually ur place name is Tip Top Fish Bake
That's the most public place customer ..
See, you can choose from various types of ice ..

Another one over here femes Tofu Bake ..
Alaaa, last night did not order grilled tofu do not feel this because they want to eat ..
Whereas the table left and right sides of all baked tofu dock femes order ni ..

Oh yes while eating, there is a live band so ..
Lagu2 are sung even best2 and femes ..
That's where I eat this ..
Kat the bottom of that tree there was a live band for the show ..
I go during the night, is alive ..
That's a picture I took at the top of this blog ..

p / s: Nice jer want here gi ... he dekat2 plain keywords and area2 Thistle Hotel ..

p / s: Remember kecik2 dulu2 ... always gi Port Dickson petang2 find baby crab and mussels. Back Baby Crab fried hot meal, cooked and mussels sauteed ginger. Fuhhh .. probably best ... When is analyzed as the memories all over again ...: ((

p / s: Back away, connecting packaging, packaging, packaging again!!!

p / s: Alhamdulillah, Praise be to the sustenance of it ...

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