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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Skandal Rahsia Maznah Mohd Yusof

Women are shown to celebrate Hari Raya with her dog in a video titled '1 Day In Day 'denied allegations that he insulted Islam.

Instead, according to Maznah Mohd Yusof, 38 cited opposition friendly portal Malaysiakini, which refute the fact that tarnish the image of Islam.

"I love my religion. I think those who slammed me to learn about the advance of Islam and do not misinterpret my video, made three years ago.

"Islam has taught me about the importance of hygiene ... it's why in the video, I clean myself and my dog," he was quoted as saying the portal.

Malaysiakini also claimed Maznah a dog trainer regret that mosque imam in the area also lashed himself.

"As religious leaders, what he does not know about Islamic law? Far as I know, my religion does not forbid me from keeping or caring for a dog," he said.

Maznah, better known as Chetz, neighbors complained that Muslims are now arguing that while the first action they just leave it.

"This video was recorded three years ago, why make it an issue now?

"I believe this is related to the case of blogger Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee ... because at first, the people who see the video that I think is Chinese," he said.

This video became controversial interpretation of background traffic noise and the duration is one minute 43 seconds that describes a young man preparing to bathe in the morning three elections before the dogs 'ablution'.

Maznah the Malay shirt then serving cake ingredients to the hounds as he sat eating together.

Recording accompanied by evidence presented before the action with the words:

"Celebrate Eid together regardless of species (humans or dogs (animals), skin color (the dog), and the origin (the home of the dog that was written Klang Lama, Penang Island and Rawalpindi)."

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