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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Resipi Rahsia Colek Ayam Kelantan dari Pengusaha Colek Ayam no 1 Kelantan



Happy greeting for all who read ..
In recent days I did not have the opportunity to write in to the sea .. sini.Mood distant sea in the middle of no up again at the seashore!. I depress the middle with my old camera which has rosak kadnya memory after turning on the seminar in KL in the middle of the week raising funds lepas.Sekarang ni nak la nak baru.Bila camera buy enough funds tu.Ada only cross channel ....

Connecting write .... (8 hours of notes above) actually at sea ni, until one note taking period 2 times daily ... hee .. hee
Today I want kongsikan resepi Flick tauhu the chicken and side dish for me to be at home during.

Sources: daridapursuzana

2 pieces of chicken breast into 4 pieces
4 pieces tauhu
sengkuang potatoes and
cucumber, taugeh taste
sos pepper
How to provide chicken
chicken breast
Cumin powder 1 tea spoon sweet
1 tea spoon cumin powder
a little salt and sugar

Gaulkan all ingredients with chicken and perap instantly.
Fried chicken so crisp and toskan.
Briefly and cool the chopped chicken to the smaller ketulan
Provide other materials
Sengkuang potato and cucumber on the skin and in Hiris waste lime in the form of elongated.
Tauhu in fried so crisp and cut into small dice.
sos pepper

50 gm.cili dry
sugar and vinegar flavor secukup
5 peel garlic
a little water
Thai chilli sauce
Revolved dry chilli with water, so that the garlic finely.
Heat a little oil and cook the pepper sauce with a simple fire to cook chili.
Add water and wait so he was a little soupy.
Add sugar sufficiently desired sweet and vinegar and chilli sauce and sweet sour taste thai.Sesuaikan follow individual taste ..

How to make it
Combine with fried chicken, tauhu and all vegetables.
Pour sauce onto it, ready for hidangkan.Besttt .... very!!

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