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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pengalaman Bertemu ‘EX Malaysian’ Di Luar Negara Buat Aku Rasa Syukur Tinggal Di Malaysia

Have you ever wanted to taste infusion moving abroad and start a new life. Factors common complaints we hear them, high cost of living, salary is not enough flavor, political problems plaguing the country and maybe much more. That does not include things like dumping nauseating extreme bondage Raver.
I used to think so. But Will is enough? They say, do not carefully thought tide only. Many people who I meet intends to try his luck in the country, the same reason as I said above.
Is not it wrong to try, but before that we should try to understand the difference between current challenges and the challenges of travel 'make a living' in the country. Both, being out of your comfort zone but with different challenges. Maybe we always heard stories of an excitement compared to the contrary.
I am interested in sharing of Haji Zainuddin Omar, he met some experience EX Malaysian living abroad luck and told me of their problems as if regret in the end.
Keep sharing of her under.
This is my experience to see some of my Malaysian EX migrate and live abroad:
1. An uncle who I bumped into in Te Anau, near Milford Sound, New Zealand.
He complained it was too cold in NZ and wanted to return to Malaysia as I aged. The problem he had give up my Malaysian citizenship and 20 years of residence in New Zealand. He also complained that the expensive medical costs in NZ and difficult to consult your physician.
2. An Auntie age 50's I found in Zurich, Switzerland.
Auntie is already 15 years of residence in Switzerland and complain life is difficult because of the high standard of living. He still works even too tired and wanted to return to Malaysia. The cost of children's education is also very cumbersome.
3. An uncle who I met on the bus in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, USA.
On the bus, he shouted me as excited in the Malay language as the lid style malaysia recognize my wife. Uncle'm 20 years old migrate to the USA and complained very lonely because no close friends and relatives. He also wanted to return to Malaysia but relinquished citizenship.
4. A sister who I met in London.
This sister had married an Englishman and have family in North East London. He was already 20 years living in the UK and badly wanted to go back and die in Malaysia. Despite having a huge house and married in London, he felt the emptiness of the soul is there.

5. An uncle in Liverpool, UK.
Malay uncle's already 40 years living in the UK and was originally a sailor MISC. She too longed to return to Malaysia but felt extremely embarrassed because he had not visited his hometown in Malacca. Her life is quite difficult in the UK and he himself did not know what her children religion.
6. An uncle I go to his home in Melbourne, Australia.
He's 10 years old but complained migrate to Australia in Melbourne Very quiet life away from the relatives, the high cost of living and rascism. Despite having a comfortable life, he wants to return to Malaysia one day.
7. A husband and wife and family in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
Even though their son was born in Saudi Arabia, citizenship is not granted automatically SA and their children can not go to university there even feasible. Which is strange that their children are not fluent in the Malay studying in IIUM because parents are still Malaysians.
Life in SA is not happy because of different traditions. They wanted to return to Malaysia even after 30 years of residence there.
8. A cleaner woman from Kelantan who worked in Copenhagen Denmark.
He scolded when I am copying at Cafe near Tivoli Gardens. He badly wanted to return to Malaysia because it is 15 years in Denmark. Although his salary RM15k, he got tired of taxes and high cost of living there.
Born in Kuala Krai is also claimed to be a good Muslim person while in Denmark.
9. A female teacher who lives in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, USA.
This teacher olds 50's but income as a teacher of English is not sufficient to fund all of his daily needs including house payments. He said to me 'I am living from month to month and wanted to return to Malaysia but has given Malaysian citizenship 20 years ago.
10. A young man who works as a tour guide in Tokyo Japan.
He traveled in Japan, the Japanese people are interested in life and eventually reside there. At first the relatively comfortable life during the time when the single but has a family, the cost of living is high and a small apartment he always causes stress.
After 10 years in Japan he plans to return to Ipoh with his wife but worried that the Japanese nation may not be able to adapt in Malaysia.
Many more Malaysian that I came across when traveling abroad and most of them want to return to Malaysia in old age.
Malay proverb is correct as' the land of the golden rain, hail in their own country, their own country better. Something that is good in their homes despite how spoiled elsewhere.
I like to quote this phrase many colleagues who complain about Malaysia:
"My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right. "
For those who want to migrate and seek a new life abroad, make sure do not give up your citizenship 'because one day you might regret it your whole life.
Title not enough
Experience Meet 'EX Malaysian' Overseas Create Gratitude I Live In Malaysia

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