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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rumah Sewa Murah Shah Alam

Rumah Sewa Murah di Shah Alam untuk di sewakan ...

True Story Haunted House Rent In Shah Alam Seksyen 2 | Morning reads ni Spooky Stories True Story applicable kat Shah Alam Seksyen 2. Al-Fatihah to the spirit Naim and Salleh (name within the story ni). May the spirit soul Naim and Salleh GOD blessed. To the author's origin story ... thanks ni la joint venture story .. To the reader, the story is a bit long .... The story below has been standardized so happy to know


9 years off I can connect learning in UiTM Shah Alam. So the first matter that needs rethinking is the place to stay because I can not hostels. Therefore Crafts & concerns me and my friends, then it can be our rental house, adjacent Seksyen 2. Border with Wet World [korang know if la].

Tu bungalow house 2 level 4 booths. 3 booths near the top and one near the bottom chamber. We all berlapan, presumably 2 people for 1 booth lah. I summarize alone, we go home with the feeling parted happily sta tu; joy, love, quaint, rimas, fear is all there.

First, the host only major umah only RM50 as a deposit and the first rental only pay when it enters the second month we were sitting home tu. Presumably the first month's useless lah .... [?]
Second, our host not to carry a lot of stuff-a lot of fatigue because later adopted son behind, he explained ...
Third, the fig tree is very large tu Bernie edge up branches allowed in the upper chamber casement.

The first night we sat home tu not sleep because punggah busy and boxed goods HH HH dvd korea. True horror of the story during the second day. Not jaded kid waiting night, we had afternoons dah got screwed. Azmi "chin" the first hit.

New era tu 10:30 am [budget I la], the wake ni nak Azmi defecation. So he went under the water chamber tu but there are people inside [because the door is closed]. The water chamber rosak, host Bernie says he'll fix that. Wait got wait, did not come out of the tu said. So Azmi ni la order quickly Lama squealing out because he can not stand. As a result of the Azmi ni screams, runs out of the house to go look up what terms. The severity, we berlapan all there, out who demolished within ni? Locked the door said there was a guy ready to flush the toilet again. In the busy-busy ni, Lan a course that dare Lama [chapter he might Bugis descent ni], he said tu rentap door to open. No one but instead the impression there, the door was locked rather than the tu. Azmi eventually there so shat, perhaps for fear.

Tu night we got more excessive.

Masa tu night I slept soundly suddenly someone pull both sides of my legs until I fell out beds. I jerked head first on the floor! What's more, because the wind la I remember slaves-play kid games but when I woke up Pulak invisible people. That there is only a middle Lan katil blindly near the top. I do not think Lan is made because he had to sleep off. When I exit the booth, I heard the slaves amid laughter. Apparently diaorang middle serviceability hall dvd close down. I went in the booth behind because new ak still confused but I was embarrassed squeezed past down there before I squeezed Lan!! I was not to look him in the middle of the chamber blindly? Ahh already ...
With a feeling of fear I dare look over there knurl Lan katil under the covers, kind presumably no one was. I pull the blanket tu and guess what?
ad a cracked tombstone dah and the automatic booths I smell enveloped hanyir hapak and piercing.

Masa ni lah do not ask me what I do because if objects so close korang ni nak was not staying in the booth tu no longer true? I think my legs dah no trace of the ground and run at a very. I ran out the door and walk away because the hall to tell my friends kid me but that kind of unclean jadahnya there is nobody near the hall. Nak know diorang man go? All dah seat outdoors! Apparently early again got screwed diorang dah. The laknatnya, nobody kid really surprise me .... taik ni diorang.

Remove the diorang calm me, we talked for what son because it was almost 3 am. Son for help tok imam, the imam was tock we do not know. Ask the neighbor kid, right left our house china. Salleh finally invite Lepak Judge restaurant until morning. Sounds kind of fun but each was wearing all clothes and wear only boxer with fabric adhesive. Mahu mahu not compelled tu we go back home because the kid grab pants, wallet and keys motors.

Therefore booths Bob and Naim's all there under, then we took the decision to borrow clothes n nak their pants. Each one scared kid up top level. Wallets were I live. Each berpakat to Naim money first. Good fortune we had anything close to the motor lock wall [where penyangkut]. Masa tu son out of the house, there are slave women Wak juice near the middle of the kitchen door smile while waving her hand close. I was also off terperasan slave tu me look cadaverous face Wak exchange. Slave tu make me smile wide taste in pants terkincit son. I shiver knees head came close to restaurants Judge!

Judge freeing up restaurant, busy open each story including me once was. At first Wak story, more or less at night tu 12 more, he is busy downloading songs suddenly there was the sound of people baling chamber casement rock near him. When he was embarrassed, he appears there was a woman sitting near the top of the fig tree next to the house subject tu, wearing a beige shirt and torn with long hair. The sadistic, girl tu hodoh be near him Pulak smile. Wak ni what kept closed casement and out going n booth he kept going I was kononnya booth. Unfortunately, the longer a ghost Pulak sitting near the front door of her cubicle but times ni ghost slaves. So he took the decision falls to the bottom of her cubicle casement. As a result, her legs terkehel. Good fortune is not broken.

Azmi "chin" look there are stories of her slave girls waving hands near her [that is, I, too, have had it ok]. I certainly was not human slave because he no legs! Sam is also a ghost story she appears near ceilings umah tu! When open it's eyes, the ghost really "eye to eye" with him. Presumably all got screwed lah ni. And once I finish the story. I was two-ably two feet I got to sleep until the appeal period I jerked the head near the floor. I was off the conversation that I seem intellectually dvd diorang middle near Hall but suddenly Azmi menyampuk "When we look at the future Pulak dvd?". It seemed that nobody would look at the morning dvd! So, who do I look?! Haru well ..... my legs, which had been growing stronger gigilnya chills.

Berborak was busy, I terbau something less tasty. Comrades else I was terbau too. Apparently Azmi ni dah was pissed in the pants because they fear greatly. Good luck tu night was very crowded near the Judge tu Restaurant. Shame really! I wear Pulak ternampak Sam selipar other side. Instead of busy-busy telling spooky stories continue to be a prank Pulak.

Amid laughter, our new Salleh juice to no Naim with us. That there are only six of us. I, Azmi chin, Sam banjo, Wak, Bob with Lan. In a crowd tu just Bob's got a HP, so we Naim telephone Cuba but no one lift. Salleh phone anyway, nor do I have the same lift. Lan then take HP Bob tu, he read what seems off somehow so tu know what? Listen to the voice of women crazy! Crazy-crazy got goose bumps ngilai to me. We sixes kept silent. Finally we agreed to wait until the next morning it had been back home and find the original Naim with Salleh. Remove the female voice heard in the HP fond tu, no one who opens his mouth up until dawn!

7:30 am blah of our new Judge. I was again strong heart palpitations. Others I know. Until near the front of the house, I look at the open door of the house with the fence as possible. When thieves broke ni, indeed he will be rich because laptop, wallet with HP we all left alone like that. I still longer mane bristling. Nobody dared enter the house before I remember, there was 20-30 Minit-cangak tercangak we sat near the front of the house because it did not dare to enter. Either of sorts where presumably HP Bob reads.
I heart da x savory. He says do not be a ghost tu incoming telephone umah. Lan lift. Actually, in a crowd, Lan was the most daring but sometimes cowards too lah. Parties hospital telephone, he said Naim was wad anxiety Klang hospital. Misfortune he said. Parties hospital said, there is a miss call from hp nombor Bob, because Bob was her phone nombor. New oooo I understand. The severity of Naim misfortune?

Each finished awry. Confused also yes also. Had no idea there was a visit Naim son in hospital Klang or search Salleh missing. Finally we host phone to look at what's worth. I'm with Sam Pulak go look at the state hospital Klang Naim. If it tenat so, I will let others tell come. The others I told Bernie mobile search Salleh, timidly he got sorok. We each only put my trust. Period on the way to the Klang hospital, I did not know how Sam whips up again but my heart is still strong says bahawa this case have not been exhausted again.

Until the hospital, I kept looking for Naim. I earnestly look Sebak Naim severe circumstances. Her legs excessive. Doctoral said lenyek hit by a train or something. Kes break run. I am strong instinct says Naim ni bahawa age not long causes blood out membuak-membuak. Sam could not look, she tears-jurai straggle out. Doctorate was ably Naim ni is the lives of fish, kid can not help much. I sat the edge of Naim, he should talk again but hook-hook. He MINTAK sorry because our troublesome. He repeatedly apologized again but I still could not catch what he's capable. Finally he died too. I heart gagahkan I phone the other fellows told Naim death. I look at Sam sat at the edge of the balcony because the red eyes cry very much. Soon came off the Naim family. I can not wait anymore and anggup boy whom Sam behind Shah Alam.

Up near the house, I look at the middle of a crazy busy looking Salleh bye-bye but not. Expires one umah searched. Finally there is the old man nearby for help with a ust. I do not remember what the name of it but ust off our new Asar conference Saleeh sitting near the knoll behind the house. That hairannya, had 5.6 times the search but nothing too met him near it. Kisahlah not promise to see you back Salleh. We all took the decision to move out of the house the same day. Incidentally close Seksyen 7 [back door UITM] there is a house for rent, so we moved there lah. Naim stuff we haul all. Frankly I'm capable, I did look at the crazy wind down because the host does not tell which house is "hard". Should pay RM50 lah he told it first and not to take things a lot. Chisss ......

I had fever 3 days.

Naim survived bodies interred in Raub, Pahang.

It's a week off, the state is ok Lama are just Salleh body aches. Eventually I moved nak mouth Salleh wondering what the actual effect before Naim died because he was ably close I asked Salleh told a Rahsia. Apparently the first time we entered the house tu, Naim with Salleh had made it. He hoe tu knoll near the back of the house. Naim also quizzes with her foot. Maybe it's because her leg was badly [in my heart I was]. Then Salleh story, there is a night that kn kitorg one messed tu uma hit him with Naim was hit as well. But ghosts chase diorang tu ready to close the road. He cuak Diorang had to run to the middle of the road. Whichever train comes suddenly hentam them. Naim thrown his way he Pulak near the edge of the road. Another train came Naim continues lenyek feet. Tu loose, Salleh said he kept unconsciously nothing until we reached the knoll tu met him. The severity, of sorts where she could sit on the mound while he said he ran near the middle of the road? Why Naim hit a excessive?

Finally I could retort truth. Shortly off Salleh stories with me, he fell ill. Do not know what pain but 3 months later he died. Her own family was confused because doctors do not know pain Saalleh. But I'm sure, ni chan no connection with the diorang mounds dug tu. I'm with gangs else I could pilgrimage Salleh spirits. Most can not hold Bob because he's roomate with Naim. Indeed, I know he is very sad. That should never be forgotten, we were all crying future Salleh body lift. Taste very sad time tu ..

I, Azmi chin, Sam banjo, Wak, Bob and Lan, all once saved spent teaching in UITM. Create Naim and Salleh, but we will remember korang until when-when. Al-Fatihah

Ops .. bungalow house near Seksyen 2 it until now no more [likely]. Every time I last area I think there must be very sad. Another one, the last day of our time at home tu, Wak hp left him near the top chambers. So to anyone who dared, should take hp tu lah but that's if korang dare la ... nokia 3310

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